Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to Eye of the Dolphin

Welcome to my new blog :-)

I actually have another blog at The Dolphin's Wink and have for about a year and half, but decided to create another blog back here on blogger. My reasons for doing this are mainly because I felt I was trying to put too much in one place, causing my blog to have the feel of going off in all sorts of different directions.

I will continue to keep The Dolphin's Wink focused on those projects I do that are earning me money online, such as affiliate marketing, skill gaming, and traffic exchanges.

Eye of the Dolphin will be more of a hobby thing for me, with a focus on my passion for environmental causes, marine mammal issues, and my love for dolphins and other marine wildlife. There will also be some focus on outdoor recreational activities I enjoy such as kayaking, as well as other things I feel passionate about such as animal rights, human rights, and debates on the issues of child abuse.

I have a bit of a liberal bent to my views on the world and of politics, so don't be surprised if I engage in a rant now and then about something our government does or doesn't do, that pisses me off.

I have no real monetary goals for this blog at this moment. I do have an Adsense account already and have implemented that here but have kept it small and hopefully non-intrusive. But for the moment, anything I do to earn money online will be mostly restricted to my original blog over at The Dolphin's Wink.

This still a work in progress, so some things may change, be added or removed, etc. I welcome feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. I also welcome links to places that relate to the topics I write about here and would be happy to do link exchanges if I feel it fits in with what I am working towards here. I don't want to create a long-assed list of links (lol) .. so if I decide to not include a permanent link in the sidebar, I'd still welcome sharing or highlighting a link within a blog post. Just leave me a comment here or contact me at my email address.

I am always on the look out for photos to share here and stories or news links to any of these topics I've mentioned here। So please don't be shy। I'll be glad to give credit and provide link-backs as warranted.



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