Sunday, December 9, 2007

Big Brother

(Image Credit: The Flag Pole)

If you are still one of those people who believe that the United States government has your best interests at heart and is protecting you in the name of terrorism, I would like to strongly encourage you to check out the following links.

Read 'em. Absorb 'em. Then make a choice. Believe in the power of Big Brother and the Government, or join in the fight to protect your liberties.

Big Brother U.S. Government Subpoenaed Amazon

Sheldon Whitehouse Reveals Smoking Gun of White House Claiming to not be Bound by any Law

Time to Call for the Resignation of Certain Politicians

Some of my friends call me a cynical optimist. I've grown deeply cynical about our government and politicians and don't trust them a bit, but at the same time, I remain hopeful that it's not too late to push back against this rising tide of tyranny in the hands of Bush and Cheney.

I could easily go on a rant here (lol) but am not going to. I think these three links say it all.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."




  1. "Cynical optimist" seems like a good thing to be. I didn't know about the try at Amazon's records. If they got mine, they'd have to hire a full-time person to try to figure out how my many diverse purchases add up to something. It makes me laugh to think about it.

  2. LOL .. mine too. Actually, I buy a lot of Dolphin books. Must be a conspiracy or terrorist plot in there somewhere ;-)

  3. There is no tyranny. Unless you want to go to Iran, Zimbabwe, or Myanmar (Burma). Or you could be those poor people under the guns from the government of Sudan and its supporters in Darfu...

  4. There may not be a tyranny here like those places you mention, but we're on our way. With more police using tasers without provocation; privacy becoming non-existent; warrantless searches more common; more civil liberties being stripped, etc etc ... it's like a frog in a slow boiling water ...

  5. By the way, your comment reminds me of a mother reminding her child at the dinner table, something like this:

    Child: I don't like peas so I'm not going to eat them.

    Parent: There are children starving in Africa so you should be grateful to have food on the table and a roof over your head. Eat your peas.