Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

(Artist credit: Christian Lassen)

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. I've had some computer issues and was not able to stay online for long without something bizarre happening to my pc. All's well now so let's get on with it :-)

The protests against Japanese whaling are getting more attention and the people doing the protests are getting more media attention.

A group of Australians protested at the Japanese consulate in Sydney. They smeared fake blood on themselves and wore bio-hazard suits. It was a peaceful protest but their message was very clear - stop the whaling and they've promised more protests until the culling ends.

A spokesperson at the consulate calls this protests "regrettable" and the fake blood has been defined as "vandalism." I say, more power to the protesters and I hope they keep it up.

Read more here: Australian whaling demonstrators protests in Japanese consulate

More protests, this time from Japanese citizens themselves.

The Peace Boat - a vessel carrying 1000 Japanese passengers on a 110-day voyage to promote human rights and environmental issues - is demanding that Japan end its scientific whaling program.

Read more here: Japanese sail in to back anti-whaling

Prominent scientist Tim Flannery has come under heavy criticism recently for his support of Japan's whaling. He basically states that a few whales killed does not matter in the grand scheme of things and that we should be focusing on other issues.

In the same breath though, he also states he is glad that Japan backed off on the humpback killing for now.

Give me some eggs, I have an urge to throw some in the general direction of this so-called "Australian of the Year."

Another news feed on Mr. Flannery: Harpoons aimed at pro whale cull Flannery

The Australian government has suddenly engaged in the use of duct tape over their mouths on the issue of whether or not they've sent out spy planes or boats in their search for the Japanese whaling fleet.

On one hand, some think they may be keeping quiet in order to not tip off the whalers. On the other hand, who gives a crap? Just get your butts out there and do it. Rudd needs to stop blowing hot air out of his politician mouth and get something done here. Time is of essence. Greenpeace has already spotted the endangered fin whales out there and with the Sea Shepherd delayed due to mechanical problems, Rudd needs to stop scratching his watch and winding his butt ...

Total Secrecy on Whaler-Watching

Here's hoping the new year brings good things for all of us, including our friends in the seas and on the land.

I wish each of you a very Happy New Year and I thank you for continuing to allow me to be part of your journey.