Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Japan's New Whaling Fleet

(Artist Credit: Jean Luc Bozzoli)

According to
Greenpeace, it seems that Japan, despite global pressure to cease and desist with their whale hunts, may be secretly planning to build a new whaling ship. Doing so would keep Japan extending it's whaling operations for decades to come.

Please check out the following link and take a moment to let the Japanese Prime Minister know how you feel:

Japan's New Whaling Fleet

On a lighter note, Greenpeace has honored Mister Splashy Pants with his own holiday greeting card. It's cute.

Happy Holidays from Mr. Splashy Pants

In recent coverage out of Australia:

Keep your hands off Migaloo

Migaloo is a rare albino breed whale that is in danger of being killed by the Japan whaling fleet. Japan won't give a commitment that they'll spare this rare white whale. Apparently in sushi restaurants around the world, whale meat can go for about $90/kilo but the Migaloo could demand a much higher price due to its rarity.

Ain't gluttony and greed grand?

Apathy in the face of whale slaughter

By this Saturday, the Japan whaling fleet will be in position to begin meeting the whale migration and start it's killing.


"Yet the only intimidating presence that stands between the whaling ships and the slaughter of more than a thousand whales - the Japanese have set themselves a quota of 1030 - will be a private ship sailing under a Jolly Roger on which the crossed bones have been replaced by a trident and a shepherd's crook. The shepherd's crook signifies that this ship is operated by Sea Shepherd, the environmental vigilante of the sea . . . "

Go Sea Shepherd go!




  1. I saw a Greenpeace boat in Barcelona a couple of years ago. I really admire them for their bravery and commitment to a good cause.

  2. Hi HM .. I do too :-)

    Let's hope they're able to do some good again this season down there in the Southern Oceans.