Monday, December 17, 2007

Wonder of Whales

(Artist credit: David Miller)

Captain Paul Watson, of the Sea Shepherd organization, sent a letter to Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd a few days ago. He basically ask if Mr. Rudd is going to keep his campaign promise to send the Navy out to track the Japan whaling activities.

You can read it here: Act for the Whales

That was dated December 12, 2007

As of December 14th, it does appear that Australia will follow through and dispatch the Navy and Air Force to monitor the Japanese whalers.


Aircraft are expected to follow the whaling fleet, which left Japan about a month ago.

Evidence gathered is expected to be used in a legal fight with Japan's Government.

Mr. Rudd states further details will be forthcoming next week.

I like what this author has to say about the Japan Whaling: Japan, Whaling, and a World of Fools

Japan and whaling appears the same as the US and oil. Both countries can’t seem to get enough of their respective commodities and make up excuses to go get it wherever it may be.
And for those people who think humans are the numero uno species on this planet, I truly hope one day you meet a superior force that inflicts on you what you have due.

I like that writer's style.

Last, but by no means least, here is an amazing article with amazing pictures of a mother whale and her calf. Words don't do justice in describing this and I can only imagine what an incredible experience it must have been to bear witness to all of this.

Mother and Calf Bond




  1. Thanks for the link to that description of the documentary that I will try to see.

  2. I always love your posts, and you find some of the coolest stuff on the net. I loved the story about the old growth trees on the website about the mother whale and calf, which was pretty awesome itself. Thanks for adding something good to my day, Dolphin.

  3. HM, I look forward to seeing the documentary myself. I couldn't find it on the Animal Planet or Discovery website .. I did see mention of it on their United Kingdom site ... hmmm ... if you find more info on it, let me know ...

    Heather: good to see you here :-) Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by ... much appreciated ..