Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anti-Whalers Kidnapped?

(Artist credit: Jeff Wilkie)

Sea Shepherd alleges that two of their volunteer crew members are being held hostage by the Japanese whalers.

An Australian and a Briton boarded the Yushin Maru ship with the intent to deliver a letter from Sea Shepherd's Captain, Paul Watson. They state they wanted to deliver the letter in person because the whalers were not responding to radio calls from the Sea Shepherd. They were then not allowed to leave the ship to return to the Sea Shepherd.

Allegedly, these two men were tied up and left out in the freezing cold on the Yushin Maru ship for up to three hours. They were then taken below and locked up in a room. Mr. Watson claims these men are being held against their will.

The whalers claim their ship was boarded illegally and that they have the right to detain these men until "their future is decided."

Paul Watson has called on both Australia and Britain to assist in getting his crew members released.

You can also read more about this at the Sea Shepherd site.

I'd write more about this right now, but unfortunately I'm out of time for now .... Until later, I bid you adieu :-)




  1. Amazing! Even with the eyes of the world on them, the whalers behave this way.

  2. personally, those 2 got what they deserved. Image if 2 men entered your home without your consent. ask yourself how would you react?

  3. You're kidding right?

    First of all, the Japan fleet is not a personal home, it's a commercial whaling fleet.

    Second of all, if the world knew you were doing something like raping or killing someone in your own home, and your home was stormed with people protesting what you are doing,and acting to protect the person you were harming, etc ... are you telling me you would feel outraged?

    Granted, international law states that boarding a vessel in high seas without permission is illegal. These two men should be ticketed for illegal trespassing or something like that. But otherwise, they harmed no one ... they did not perform any vandalism ... and they intended, by what we know from the media, to simply give the whalers a letter and then leave. Whether that's all true or not is wide open to speculation at this point ...

    If I'm going to protest something and that issue has been fought peacefully and diplomatically for years without hardly any progress being made .. then hell yeah, it's time to push and shove ...

    One of these days our planet will be so raped and pillaged by people like the Japanese whalers that we'll have nothing left and we'll be wondering "WTF happened? And why didn't someone do something about this?"

    I say all the more power to the likes of the Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace organizations for being out there fighting this ...

  4. does 'ANYBODY' remember pearl harbor besides me?
    the jap's showed their intellegence then and good old HARRY S. TRUMAN had to 'educate' them -> "THE-HARD-WAY"!
    it was a bit messy but, it worked!
    its quite apparent today that they have "FORGOTEN".
    perhaps its time for -> 'ANOTHER~ATTITUDE~ADJUSTMENT', YA THINK???
    their is "NOTHING" scientific about the total annialation of a whole species here at all.

  5. Hi Old Maytag :-)

    Well said .. and thx for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment ...