Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bush Gives Whales the Bird

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Captain Paul Watson, of the Sea Shepherd organization, certainly has a flair for the dramatic when writing commentaries.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting read so I'm going to lead you directly to his updated post:

The Cold War at the Bottom of the Planet to Save the Whales

Meanwhile, in London yesterday, a group of people demonstrated outside the Japanese Embassy for the release of the two Sea Shepherd crew members.

If you are interested in expressing your concern regarding this situation, Sea Shepherd has set up a page listing full addresses, phone numbers, and email address for the people you can contact directly:

Take Action Now <<--

In other news, President Bush has trumped the Central California District Court's decision a few weeks ago ordering the Navy to cease with the usage of sonar off the California coast. Bush has decided to exempt the Navy and basically flipped the middle finger to the court's ruling.


As California gray whales swam past San Diego County's shores, President Bush announced that he would allow the Navy to continue using sonar in anti-submarine warfare training off Southern California.

Environmental groups vowed to block the waivers that Bush signed Tuesday to overrule a judge's restriction on sonar testing off California's coast, saying the powerful underwater sound waves threaten marine mammals such as whales.


The White House announced Bush signed the exemption Tuesday while traveling in the Middle East. In his memorandum, Bush said the Navy training exercises "are in the paramount interest of the United States" and national security.

Peter Douglas, executive director of the California Coastal Commission, which had joined the lawsuit to provide the mammals greater protections from sonar, called the exemption unprecedented in California.

"I'm not surprised at all," he said. "It's typical for this Republican administration to ignore environmental protections under the banner of fear."


The Navy likes to train in Southern California's shallow waters and underwater canyons, as they teach sailors how to detect submarines in an environment where enemies love to hide. Because of the canyons and shallow ground, and because of the thick concentration of animals, there are many sounds and they tend to ricochet in all directions, Navy officials say. It is much easier for a submarine to blend in there than in the open sea.

Read the full article here: Bush Grants Navy Waiver

While Bush and the so-called Military are spouting off their bullshit about national security and all that crap, things like this ensure that not too far into the future, we're going to be a planet devoid of beautiful creatures, such as whales, dolphins, polar bears, etc. All in the name of national security or economic feasibility (IE: oil drilling in Alaska.)

Someday into the future, and may it not ever happen, the whole world is going to wake up, look around their lands ... dive into their oceans ... hike their mountain trails ... and find nothing. Landscapes and seascapes devoid of life. Everything raped and pillaged in the name of power and greed. People are going to ask "What the hell happened? Why didn't anyone do something about this?"

Dramatic perhaps, but let's not kid ourselves. This could very well become a reality in the future if we don't start respecting our planet and every living thing on it.

People like Bush need to be subjected to the sonar testing the Military uses and see how he likes blood coming out of his ears, internal bleeding, and his brain turning to mush from disorientation (never mind that his brain has been mush forever.)

Blech. What a world we live in with the priorities governments like ours have.



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