Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Excellent Blog Award

Bill, over at Bill's Random Thoughts, gave me a "Blog of Excellence" award .. pretty cool :-) It doesn't mean anything much in the grander world of the blogosphere, but it made me feel special to be thought of.

Part of the rules are to name blogs you feel are worthy of this award and if you want to reciprocate to the one who gave you this award, that's cool too.

In no particular order, I'm naming the following blogs I've come across that I enjoy. I'm unsure I'll have time to contact each one to inform them of this, but hopefully they'll see it for themselves.

Bill's Random Thoughts - I enjoy Bill's posts. He's got a quirky sense of humor and we seem to share a lot of similar politics. I like this guy.

Space of Reality - Good blog with intriguing questions and thoughts posted.

Pet Rescuer Central - All about pets and saving 'em, loving 'em, etc.

Little Country Lost - Well written political blog.

Olga, The Traveling Bra - One word: hysterical!

Mental Poo - This guy is so freakin' hilarious.



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