Friday, January 4, 2008

Less Talk, More Action Needed

(Artist credit: Jim Warren)

Want to know who is behind the financing of those Japanese whalers? Want to know who "has the blood of 10,000 whales on his hands?"

Kazuo Yamamura is his name, and eating and killing whales is his game.

His firm claims it's a non-profit organization that funds the "scientific research" into whales. However, documents indicate that " balance sheets show profits from the sale of whale have nearly quadrupled in the past 10 years."

Read more here: Firm Dines Out on Slaughter

Could the end of whaling occur via a private military? Australian artist Anthony White hopes so, and is striving for that.

He has contacted Blackwater Worldwide, the same company that the USA contracts with for security services in Iraq.

Mr. White is still awaiting a response. But one thing disturbs me. He states he wants Blackwater to sink these illegal whaling ships.

Okay. Sinking them while they're in port with no one on board is one thing. But out in the middle of the Southern Ocean is quite another.

If Blackwater agrees to do this, I can only hope that this is done without casualties. I am not a believer in solutions being achieved via violence.

I am a believer that if it takes extreme measures to end the whaling when it's obvious, to my knowledge, that everything else has been done, then I'm all for it.

It'll be interesting to hear further on this. Meanwhile, you can read more on this here: Private Military to End Japanese Whaling

The Australian government continues to defend it's stance on how it's handling the whaling issue. They claim the spies have been or will be sent out to observe and record the whaling, but their spy ship has yet to leave port and their spy plane has yet to be registered for use.

The whale cull is apparently by this time, around mid-way through. Uh huh. Way to go Kevin Rudd. His administration claims they've increased diplomatic pressure. :: yawn :: Isn't it so shocking how politicians seem to forget their campaign promises?

Time for some good news. A judge in California has ruled that the Navy must cut their use of sonar off the California coast.

The Navy meanwhile, is basically whining and crying and worried about how they're going to protect our country now. Yeah right. :: eye roll ::

Hooray for the judge for imposing much tougher rules for the military to abide by. If our sea friends could talk, I'm sure they'd each say "Thank you, your Honor." Let's hope this lasts.



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