Monday, January 7, 2008

Pulling the Race Card in Whaling

(Artist credit: Jeff Wilkie)

There are a number of Japanese citizens who are vehemently opposed to their country's whaling. They speak for a vocal majority who disagree with Japan's assertions that this is all in the interest of scientific research and/or national pride.

Good for them.
You can read this in more detail here: Japanese Citizens Demand End to Japan's Whaling Atrocities

There's an uproar over a YouTube video that's received well over 100,000 hits, that basically states anti-whaling groups are racist.
That's the nutshell version. I'm not going to bother getting into it nor am I going to dignify the issue with a link. I haven't seen the video but I hear it's rather graphic in displaying certain images.

Personally, I find it abhorrent that anytime there's an issue brought up that many people are passionate about, either for or against it, someone pulls the race card.

This isn't about race. This is about whaling. If there are those that can't get the distinction here, then to put it nicely, they're the ones who are being racist.

Just my ever so humble opinion of course.

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Australia states that
they will begin surveillance of the Japanese whalers this week.

The ship, Oceanic Viking, will set sail for 20 days. An Airbus A-319 plane will also be dispatched to conduct surveillance flights.

Better late than never. Let's hope for some good news from these surveillance's.

On the flip side,
Sea Shepherd alleges that Australia is working closely with Japan to prevent both Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace from interfering with the whaling. Is Australia being a two-faced bitch here?

Sea Shepherd's update here: Australian Government Assisting Whalers?

A few days ago, I shared that a Judge in California ruled against the Navy on the use of sonar within a certain area and distance, off the California coast.

There are still other areas of the world that need protection and while this order from the California Judge is a step in the right direction, the Navy still needs to hear our protests on this issue.

Sign the petition here:
Whales in Danger

And while you're there, take a look at the video. It explains how military sonar affects marine mammals and how devastating and potentially fatal it can be.




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