Sunday, February 24, 2008

(Artist credit: Howie Cooke)

I had written a post a few days ago about the cow slaughter and abuse news that was in the headlines. However, I never got back to the draft and decided to just put it aside.

I will say that I saw the images on the news of cows being abused, kicked, electrocuted, and either not being fed or being way under fed. The images made me literally sick to my stomach.

I am not a vegetarian and some may say that makes me a hypocrite to speak up about animal rights, but I disagree. One can eat meat while also not condoning in any way, shape or form, any kind of abuse towards animals. Livestock can be killed humanely. And much livestock is raised for the very purpose to supply beef, ham, etc. for our country. But there is absolutely no reason to treat the animals with such disregard and with such horrific abuse.

There's a lot I'd like to cover today since I have not written a new post in a week.

On the whaling front, Sea Shepherd has once again succeeded in putting the Japanese whalers on the run. So for the past couple of days, no whales have been killed because of this pursuit. It is alleged that Sea Shepherd has a tracking bug on one of the fleets, and that is how they've been able to find them and put them on the run currently. The trawler that had been spying on Sea Shepherd before they returned to port to refuel, etc., is also back on Sea Shepherd's trail and supposedly keeping the whalers abreast of where Sea Shepherd is. Either way, what matters is that once again, no whales are being slaughtered while the Japanese fleets are on the run.

It's interesting to note that a couple weeks ago, if you recall, there was a so-called poll that indicated approximately 60% of Japan's citizens supported their country's whaling. However, a new poll recently indicates that 72% do NOT support the whaling and in fact, most are UNAWARE that their tax dollars are being used to subsidize these whalers.

Public opposition in Japan is definitely growing, despite what the politicians and corporate interests there will have the world otherwise believe.

In other news, mercury taint in dolphins is causing division in Japanese whaling town. These residents can boast all they want about being proud of their whaling and dolphin culling heritage, but personally, I call it karma.

Scott over at Dolphin Smile wrote a good post I think is worth your while to read: Why Japanese Slaughter Whales and Dolphins

Be sure to check out Sea Shepherd's website to keep updated on their continued pursuit of the Japanese whalers.

My updates here might become a little more spaced out. I'm a huge sports fan, especially basketball, and with March Madness quickly approaching, I will be tuning into a lot of great games. I mostly follow the women's college tournaments during this time of year and believe the games leading up to the Final Four are going to be very exciting to watch. I do not believe there is any clear cut favorite. Many have the potential to upset the higher ranking teams and I do not even personally give credence to the rankings, given the talent that is out there. I do predict that at least Tennessee and Rutgers will make it to the final rounds though. LSU has real potential to get pretty far, as well as Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Once the college games are over, I then get revved up for the Softball tournaments, WNBA season, and the NBA Playoffs. :: big grin :: My partner is infinitely patient with my undying love for all things basketball.




  1. Personally, I am also disgusted at the pure abuse these animals suffered. I'm no longer a vegetarian, but I also believe in humane treatment for all living creatures. Not to mention, I can't believe the monsters who would do the kinds of things to animals I saw on those films are allowed to walk around freely among actual human beings.

  2. Good update on the whaling scene. I eschew meat for health reasons, but with all of the recalls that periodically occur, I'm glad I'm out of that eating style. As far as March Madness is concerned, I work on blogging during commercial breaks.

  3. Heather: hear hear ... I totally agree.

    HM: I used to eat a lot of red meat .. more so growing up b/c my step father was a hunter and us kids had a choice to "eat or be beat" ... I like chicken and turkey and enjoy a hamburger now and then, but have, over the years, developed more and more of a distaste for meat .. mostly the red meat variety like ribs, steaks, pork, etc ...

    Good suggestion! I'll blog during commercials! Thanks! ;-)