Saturday, February 9, 2008

More BS from Japan

(Artist Credit: Christian Lassen)

Lots of news headlines out there that state two thirds of the Japan population supports whaling.

Previous reports had indicated that the majority of Japanese (1) no longer eat whale meat and (2) have misgivings about the whaling, touting it as unnecessary.

Color me stupid, but how does a telephone poll of just over 2,000 people define that two thirds of the country's population supports whaling? Japan is home to millions of people.

Personally, I give zero stock in this so-called poll and am skeptical as hell that it proves anything other than a poor attempt for Japan to save face and get their country to falsely rally around their "scientific research." Does anyone else find this insulting or am I just being hyper critical?

Australia was also not planning to release any photos the Ocean Viking custom ship had taken, but changed their minds. The photos that have generated a lot of controversy include a mother whale and a baby calf.

You can see some of the photos over at GreensBlog.

Japan denies that the mother and baby are related and are rather, two separate whales they harpooned. They also have officially stated that they "regret" these photos were made public.

Why? Why are you regretful Japan? If you're so gung ho about your whaling, why are you feeling regretful? Puhleaze. Give me a freakin' break.

Japan condemns Australia for releasing these photos and Australia defends itself. I say kudos to Australia for releasing the images. It's important people see for themselves just how barbaric and unnecessary this killing is.

Japan is planning to file a complaint over the release of these pictures. Umm ... why? If you're so passionate about how your whaling is so culturally and morally upstanding and you have nothing to hide, why complain? If you feel so strongly that what you are doing is good and right, you should have no objections and no fear. Me thinks thou art protest too much.

The time has arrived to also add Norway to the focus and scrutiny of whale culling.

Norway has announced plans to kill over 1,000 Minke whales. Their reason for killing all these whales? "Commercial purposes."

Greenpeace states the consumption of whale meat is dwindling while Norway states their citizens eat it regularly and their stock of whale meat is down. Like Japan, they whale because of "culture" and believe that whaling is sustainable.

Sea Shepherd has plenty of updates on their site and I'd encourage you to check them out and read the links to the right. At the moment, they are focusing on returning to the Southern Ocean to once again, find the Japan whalers, with the goal to get them on the run again.

Last but not least, I'd like to do a little blog spotlight today.

Please be sure to check out Dolphin Smile. They provide brief updates regularly and if you ever visit Hawaii, be sure to look up Scott as he offers some adventures with the local marine mammals. He has a solid reputation and all wildlife is respected and not interfered with. He also has a holistic and spiritual approach and if I had the money myself right now, I'd love to join his group :-)



P.S. Radical Blog is doing a "Blog Against Whaling Campaign." Check it out, leave a comment with your blog link, and you'll be added to the list of bloggers against whaling in addition to receiving a linkback to your blog.


  1. I can't believe that poll either. The Japanese folks that I've run into in various parts of the world don't seem like they'd be into whale meat or blubber.

    BTW: I love Lassen's work. He had a great studio in Key West which closed down a couple of years ago.

  2. Hi HM :-)

    Yup, on the poll.

    I love Lassen's art too (obviously lol) .. I've never seen a gallery of his but have been in several Wyland galleries when I lived back in California. Wyland is another favorite of mine ...

    Sorry to hear the Lassen one closed out in Key West ...