Friday, February 1, 2008

Sandbox Idiocy

(Artist credit: Jim Warren)

I've had my hands full with the foster puppy, so I haven't been online much the last few days.

We've also got a winter storm bearing down on us and it's snowing as I write this. The fortunate thing about NW Ohio is that a lot of the worst storms pass either above or under us, so we don't get it nearly as bad (usually) as say, places like Chicago, Detroit, or Boston.

Still, it's been bitterly cold with an awful wind the last few days. Our garbage cans got strewn all over the neighborhood and I had to resort to taking the dogs out two at a time given how nuts the weather has been.

Being from the left coast (which has much milder weather, unless you're in the mountains) I still haven't gotten used to the longer cold Midwest winters. Personally, I can't wait for spring to arrive.

The last time I checked for updates on the whaling situation, Greenpeace had announced they were leaving the Southern Ocean to return to Melbourne, and then going home. They called their protests against the Japan whalers a "success."

Call me stupid, but I wouldn't call it a success. They did some good, but the whaling season is far from over so why leave? Greenpeace gets millions in donations so they can certainly afford to stay out there and continue to give the whalers a hard time.

Sea Shepherd's Captain, Paul Watson, pretty much says the same thing. Sea Shepherd has a budget of about two million for the whaling protests while Greenpeace gets a heckuva lot more. He points out that if Greenpeace is truly serious about saving the whales, then they wouldn't just drop anchor now and run back home. The hunt is still ongoing. The point is to save the whales right?

Paul Watson also accuses Greenpeace of basically being in it for the media exposure and the money. He alleges Greenpeace spends far more on media related items than they do on their campaigns.

Whether or not that is true, I do agree that it's way too early for Greenpeace to be leaving and it's premature to call their efforts a success. Seems to me it's a half-assed effort on their part and they aren't finishing something they've started. That bugs me.

Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd is returning to port to refuel and to stock up on provisions again before heading back out to continue raising hell. I applaud them. They aren't giving up. They may have a spy ship on their asses reporting their location to Japan, but at least Sea Shepherd was keeping the whalers on the run. And if they're on the run, they can't stop to kill whales. Which is the whole point of being out there in the first place.

It's a big assed ocean out there and Sea Shepherd can only do so much. And now with Greenpeace calling it quits until next year, the whalers are likely very happy because their killing has resumed and whales are back to being hunted down, harpooned, and detonated to death.

Oh happy happy joy joy.

A couple days ago as Japan resumed their whale cull once Greenpeace turned tail and left, they immediately put five Minke whales to their deaths. It's alleged that the timing of this coincided with Foreign Minister Stephen Smith's visit to Japan to engage in discussions about the whaling. It's also alleged that the immediate resumption of the culling was an "act of defiance against Australia" for how they've treated the whaling issue against Japan.

What are we? Five year olds throwing sand at each other in the sand box?

Australia stands with hands on her hips and says "I'm so disappointed in you for resuming the whale killing."

Japan responds like the bratty kids they are and as spittle comes out of their mouths, they continue to use the same old tired bullshit excuse of "we are doing scientific research. So take that and shove it up your butt."

And the Oceanic Viking ship out of Australia just stands by taking pictures and video and doing nothing but recording this all for posterity.

Oh happy happy joy joy.

Read Paul Watson's latest update on the conflict with Greenpeace.

If you're interested in donating to Sea Shepherd to help them in their attempts to save the whales, please check for more information here: Sea Shepherd needs help

If you're free to volunteer on their ship and can hightail it to Australia at a moment's notice and have the qualifications they need, then please do so. I would if I could.

When our sea friends wash up on the shores of various countries around the world, what do you think that tells us? I think it's karma come to bite us all in the rear end.

When we neglect our planet, ignore the danger signs, and don't give a crap about anything or anyone but ourselves and are always asking "What's in it for me?" then our Earth is going to fail us.

I hope there is an alternate universe that is much kinder to all living beings than the one we're living in right now. And if there is a better alternate universe, someone send me a ticket or the location of the secret worm hole, because I'd like to go live there.

Until that is possible though, we can only do our part no matter how small it may be. My part is sharing my passion for these causes by writing about them here and seeking ways I can help in monetary ways within my own meager means.

If you're interested in helping any of these causes, Sea Shepherd is an excellent place to start.

I also have a donation button to the right of my blog where all proceeds will go to non-lethal and humane dolphin & whale research. All donations are welcome, no matter how small.

Finally, I am an affiliate for a T-Shirt company called T-Shirts from Hell. (There is also a small button banner to the right of this blog you can click on.) They are controversial and some might find them offensive. Regardless, if you like them, consider ordering a shirt there and 50% of the proceeds I earn from those sales will also go to Dolphin & Whale research programs.




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