Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm back - I think

(Artist credit: Kim & Kay Vaudin)

I apologize for being incognito here for a much longer length of time than I had originally planned. I had the best of intentions to resume this blog by Mid September. Alas, life got in the way and other things needed to be taken care of.

I'm ready and raring to go though. Are you?

We are coming up soon on this next season of Japan whale hunting. The Sea Shepherd Society will, once again, be out there in full force.

Meanwhile, I strongly encourage any of you that gets the Animal Planet network on your television, to set your DVR's to record the Whale Wars beginning this Friday, November 7th.

You can find the information on this serial documentary by going here -> Animal Planet's Whale Wars

Dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan has continued, despite alarming reports of mercury and other toxins in these mammals being sold for consumption to an unaware public.

You can read various reports and updates on this issue at Blue Voice.

Meanwhile, if you need some inspiration and a powerful incentive to renew your passion in helping to protect our marine mammals, then for your consideration I lead you to the Whale Dreamers.

This movie is now available on DVD. It can also be rented from Netflix (search for it as one word - whaledreamers) or bought from Amazon. (direct link to movie at Amazon here -> Whale Dreamers)

Check it out!

This will do for now. Thanks for everyone's notes, comments, and emails during my absence, wondering when I would be returning. It's very much appreciated! And thank you for continuing to be part of my journey here in helping to continue to raise awareness on our dolphin and whale friends.




  1. Thank you Jackie! I appreciate you dropping by :-)

  2. Good to see you back again, Dolphin!

  3. I knew you'd be back. Thanks for keeping me aware of the important issues about our sea mammals.

  4. Hi Heather and HM!

    Thank you for your welcome back greetings! I appreciated you both stopping in. I have many things to share about what's been going on out in our oceans and I look forward to getting back into it.

    I appreciate your continued support and encouragement :-)