Monday, November 10, 2008

Whale Hunts About to Begin Again

In briefly continuing the spirit of my last post about Proposition 8 .... We've certainly come a long way in the past 48 years, haven't we?

(Artist credit: Christian Lassen)

Did you know that Greenpeace, just two weeks before the Japan whale hunt is slated to begin, has surrendered their fight out in the Southern Ocean?

Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson said:

"As a Greenpeace co-founder, I am deeply offended that Greenpeace has been raising millions of dollars in the name of defending whales all year and now two weeks before the Japanese whaling fleet is scheduled to depart, they announce they will not be going," said Captain Paul Watson. "In my opinion they collected funds under false pretenses and now they have abandoned the whales. Shame on them."

You can read Sea Shepherd's version of this here: Greenpeace Surrenders

However, Greenpeace claims they are taking the fight directly to Japan this time.

Greenpeace also claims credit for one of Japan's ships, the Oriental Bluebird, being shut down by the Panamanian authorities. If you recall, the Oriental Bluebird was not only used to help the Japan fleets to refuel, they were also transporting whale meat - illegally. This particular ship was not authorized or licensed for this purpose.

Regardless, these two organizations, in my opinion, need to stop fighting each other and just keep on fighting the battle to save the whales. They may take different routes to achieve their results, but both have collectively accomplished a great deal in bringing the whale slaughter issue to greater awareness globally.

In other news, I'm saddened to report that the Supreme Court has little to no sympathy for the plight of our marine mammals and the effect that Navy sonar has on them.

"I thought the whole point of the armed forces was to hurt the environment," Associate Justice Stephen Breyer said, half-jokingly. "Of course they're going to do harm."

Kidding or not, I find this statement just appalling. It's comments like this that encourage the continuing raping and pillaging of our planet and it's sentient beings, without any regard to the consequences.

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  1. There was a similar cartoon in USA Today this morning. When I first heard about prop 8, I wondered if some people thought a "yes" vote was in favor of the gay community. It's unfortunate when people are offered a "yes" vote for a negative result.

  2. Hi HM :-)

    I haven't seen today's USA Today yet .. interesting. Thanks for the tip!

    I had also wondered the same thing as you .. if people got confused that yes meant no and no meant yes ... The cynic in me says it was done deliberately. Certainly wouldn't surprise me.