Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd Making a "Splash"

(Artist/Image credit: Howie Cooke)

I've been battling either the flu or a very bad chest cold :-( I am recovering though and doing much better than the past couple of days. I don't get sick often and usually when I do, I've been likely to get over it within a day or two ... but this time around it's really kicked my butt.

Seems yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday, Australia time?) the Sea Shepherd departed Brisbane for the Antarctica. Many of the crew from last season are back along with a number of new members as well.

Among the new members is actress Daryl Hannah. She's long been involved in environmentalism and is well known for roles in movies such as Splash and Roxanne.

You can read more in the latest update at Sea Shepherd.

In my opinion, Japan is hypocrisy personified. They have stated they will arrest anti-whaling activists if they interfere with their hunts this year.

For all their talk about killing whales for "research," Japan has resumed importing whale meat. Uh huh.

Interesting commentary here: Bad Deals for Whales

This part disturbs me a great deal:

The Japanese are working out an unsavoury deal with the outgoing George W Bush administration of the United States that might not only give them what they want, but also shed them of any need for Caribbean support.

If I was a whale or a dolphin, or any other marine mammal species, I would feel like there's a war being waged against my very survival. Between noise pollution and increased acidification, I'd wonder if my days on this planet were severely numbered. I'd also wonder if the majority of humanity really cared. Because if they did, there'd be a helluva lot more people standing up and fighting for my right to survive and my right to continue to live in this planets' oceans and to be a part of its' future.

Will this help?

The UN conference is considering a resolution that would require countries to mitigate noise pollution by mandating quieter engines and banning seismic surveys in areas where marine mammals are known to gather.

One can only hope. Because I, for one, would rather see a future of whales, dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, manatees, etc. frolicking in our oceans than to see military ships, harpoons, and missiles, etc. waging battles against one another with our planet and humanity ultimately being the losers.

If you recall, earlier this year in mid February, I wrote a bit about Dolphins & Whales in 3D. It appears that this film has grossed over 10 million. Over 1.6 million tickets have been sold thus far and the film is continuing to make the rounds at theatres around the world. Read more here.

Be sure to check out their site at: Dolphins & Whales in 3D

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  1. I knew I should have joined the crew this year. I don't get it with the Japanese and the whales. Such a shame.

  2. You a fan of Daryl Hannah? :)

    I don't get the mentality of these whalers either. :-(

  3. I see you were still under the weather on Christmas. Same here all the way from NY. Just keep up your spirits. I love your blog.

    There seems to be some bad cold going around — all over. I, too, usually kick a cold ur flu within day,s but so far, it's over 6 weeks of on and off symptoms, and passing it back and forth to my now 2 year old son 26th of Dec was his 2nd) Hopefully this will all pass.

    Keep reporting when you can. I've always loved the ocean, dolphins and whales, and since I was a young child, dreamed I could swim with them for as long as they could underwater, without needing air as much as a human does. ;) I've swam with dolphins, but I just can't keep up :P

    Happy New Year :)

  4. Hi Spookie!

    Thank you for your lovely note .. yeah, been some bad bug going around for a lot of people lately. I hate being sick ... :: knock on wood :: fortunately I've been lucky in that dept .. just not in the last month lol

    Thanks for your support and encouragement! And thanks, too, for taking the time to stop by, leave a comment, and to share your thoughts ... it means a lot :-)

    Happy New Year!