Sunday, February 22, 2009

Save the Whales (Again)

(Artist credit: Brian Marshall White)

It's a pretty sad world we live in when someone can bash a seal over the head repeatedly and only be fined $2,000 and be suspended from the seal hunt for one day, and yet someone who photographs or videotapes that very event, is fined $100,000 and can be sent to jail for a year.

Where are the freakin' priorities here people?

Canadian Justice is a Wonderful Thing - NOT

Sea Shepherds season this year in intervening with the whale culling is now over and they have returned to Australia. Captain Watson is calling this season a success and you can read his outline of reasons why here: Ten Reasons that Operation Musashi Has Been a Success

When the SS returned to Hobart a couple days ago, the Australian authorities were waiting with a warrant to seize all videos, photographs, global positioning records, etc from the SS. Captain Watson states that while he and his crew were treated civilly and professionally, he points out that the Australian authorities also need to do the same to the Japanese whalers. Otherwise, this is a biased and one-sided affair.

You can read about that here: Australian Federal Police Seize Whale War Videos

Captain Watson states he will be spending the next few months making repairs to the Steve Irwin and is hoping to secure enough funding as well for a 2nd ship before the start of the next whaling season at the end of this year.

Let's hope his wish comes true. With two ships out there, they could double their success rate against whalers.

This is a good start though: Sea Shepherd Granted 2009 Funding from the Dutch Lottery

Three cheers for Russia's Putin, who is proposing a ban on driftnets being used for fishing. As it is well known by now, many marine mammals get caught in those nets and end up drowning. Will we one day see ALL countries outlawing the use of driftnets? Let's hope so.

Are there secret meetings going on between governments to lift the ban on whale hunts? According to The Independent paper (UK) it would seem so. Please read up about that here: Save the Whale (again)

Human greed appears to be a factor in the possibility of the Orca whales in the Pacific Northwest dwindling in numbers. While it is already illegal for boats and tourists to pursue Orcas and attempt to get close to them, that still doesn't stop people from doing it or trying to make a few bucks off these mammals. Why are people so stupid?

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  1. I didn't see anything in the SS press release on what grounds the Australians had for seizing all of that material? Watson seemed pretty calm about it, really. I also can't imagine that Animal Planet/Discovery was too pleased to have spent money on production only to lose all footage. Something seems rather incomplete to me here. I hope we do one day get to see the footage.


  2. I didn't either. Hopefully they'll get everything back and/or we'll hear an update soon about this situation :-)

    Thanks for dropping in!!