Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis The Season to Kill More Whales

Artist credit; Christian Lassen

Is anyone as sick as I am of seeing, reading, and hearing all about Tiger Woods and his dalliances?  This is trash, not news.  :: ugh ::

Is anyone as sick as I am of hearing about "Climategate" in Cophenhagen?  Gosh, I wonder how many folks out there avoided using a private jet and how many did NOT contribute further to the very issue they proclaim to want to resolve?  Yes, the hypocrisy of our world's leaders, scientists, etc is absolutely overwhelmingly heartwarming .. wouldn't you say? :: ugh ::

Obama getting the Nobel Peace prize is, IMO, a travesty.  If there is a species on this planet that deserves this more, it would be the whales, dolphins, manatees, etc of our seas.  Their actions speak far more clearly and for more loudly than anyone anywhere ...  'nuf said.

I have bronchitis so forgive my ugh'ness mood as I target my hacking wrath towards certain media outlets, politicians, and so-called scientists as they ratchet up the brainwashing and try in vain to instill more fear and taxes into our hearts instead of the holiday spirit :-P  

Seems to me the solution to our world's problems is pretty simple and is summed up quite nicely in this Jimi Hendrix quote:  "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

I'll put that in my pipe and smoke it any time :-D

Random stolen quote for the day that still makes me smile  .. Seen on a sign: "Unattended children will be given a shot of espresso and a puppy."  (Thanks for sharing this Sheila!)

Ecorazzi has a cool slideshow about the Whale Wars: 8 Weapons Used in the Fight Down Under

Now this is just the heartwarming holiday message we all like to hear:  "We'll continue to kill!"

So the crybabies from Japan are getting frustrated because Sea Shepherd is costing them millions .. so they're sending out a couple of spy tattling ships to monitor Sea Shepherd's whereabouts.  In addition, Japan is threatening to include humpbacks in their cull quotas as "pawns in the diplomatic process that's underway."  Wow.  How diplomatically mature!  Whalers, Conservationists Set for Fresh Confrontation

Captain Paul Watson tells the whalers, "Bring it on!"

Australia's PM Kevin Rudd says he's serious about seeking legal action against Japan unless a diplomatic agreement can be reached on the whaling issue.   Sorry, no offense Mr. Rudd, but we've heard you spout this before.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Another related article here:  Australia seriously considering whaling challenge

Beautiful video here:  Aaron Pyne Visionary Art

If you get the History channel, check out this documentary coming up Sunday night, Dec. 13th: "The People Speak"   I've set my DVR for it :-)

Have a wonderful, warm, happy weekend!



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