Friday, January 15, 2010

Whales, Dolphins, Seals and .. Pat Robertson

Artist credit:  Jim Warren

Does being a religious "leader" make you smarter and more articulate?  One would respond to such a silly question with a resounding NO when it comes to the likes of Pat Robertson.  Mr. Robertson has once again outdone himself with the stench permeating from his oral cavern.   Now I'm all for free speech and everything, but this guy needs to get laid or something because for a man of God he sure has a talent for spewing forth a lot of hatred. Calling the earthquake in Haiti a "blessing in disguise" deserves, in my ever so loving and humble opinion, a hard whap alongside his mush for brains head.  Are he and Jerry Falwell related or something?    Sheesh.

Cool site!  Tails for Whales

Blue whales' songs are hauntingly deep, filled with extraterrestrial vibratos, and utterly mysterious. Despite many attempts to interpret them, scientists still don't know what the world's largest animals are saying.
Coming this summer to a TV near you on the Animal Planet, The Cove!

Interesting article in the New Yorker on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the recent events surrounding the Ad Gil being rammed by the Shonan Maru 2.  Street Fight on the High Seas

According to an Australian poll, 80% believe their government is not doing enough to prevent the Japanese whale culling.  You can read more about that here:  Battle for Whales Too Weak

In the continuing debate some people are having over whether or not the whales and dolphins, etal deserve classification as people, one writer added his input:  Shall We Save the Whales?


We can certainly see how our role as stewards of Creation calls us to protect marine mammals. But that in no way requires us to extend personhood to these creatures—however marvelous they are. We, not they, were made in the image of God.

Umm ... errr ... aren't we ALL made in the image of God?   Does someone have inside information from God that states only human beings are made in his image?  I must be missing something ... 

Another interesting article:  Whale Wars

Meanwhile, the relations between Japan and Australia are getting more and more tense and it appears it is a real possibility that trade talks may be impacted.   One thing that bugs me to no end is this:

"We need to reduce the number of whales or they'll eat all the fish. They eat one or two tonnes at once."

Excuse me, but what a dumb ass thing to say. It's not the whales that are causing the fish population problem - it's humans.  What the hell are people thinking to blame whales for issues that greedy, egoistical, selfish human beings have caused?  Un - freakin' - believable.

You can read more from this article here:  Whaling Spat

Here's another reason for your heart to overflow in an abundance of love for the military:  Navy Issues Guidance on Use of Marine Mammals

Check out Wild Ocean Film

I'll end today's post with good thoughts for the people in Haiti and prayers for a speedy, healthy, and peaceful recovery.



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