Saturday, March 6, 2010

IWC Debates Legalizing Murder

(Artist credit:  Jeff Wilkie)

How does anyone or any country compromise on the murdering of sentient beings?   Such is the situation at the IWC talks currently taking place down in Florida.  The two countries battling it out the most are, to no one's surprise, Australia and Japan.

Japan is basically still whining that whaling is part of their culture and they want a return to unlimited whaling.  

Australia wants ZERO whales killed.

Neither is willing to compromise nor meet each other half way.

Meanwhile, the coward in this game?  The good ole U.S.A. for abstaining, so far, on any decisions.

Politics - ain't it grand?  

Meanwhile, whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, manatees, etc do not play the game of politics.  They are simply trying to live their lives in their rightful homes - the ocean, and to have the right to be free of human egoism and greed.  

Links to articles discussing the latest IWC talks on the fate of our planet's whales:

Lots of articles out there on the IWC talks, just put "IWC" in your favorite search engine.

If you're against whaling, you may want to send a message to President Obama and let him know how you feel.  I've personally sent an email a couple days ago.  Does this sort of action work?  I don't know, but at least I'm speaking up for a species that has no voice.  What are you doing?  :-)     Contact President Obama at the White House.

There's still a lot of talk out there about the Sea World incident and about keeping wild animals in captivity and/or for the purpose of entertaining us dumb humans.  This one article is short, sweet, and right to the point:  Best to Allow Wild Animals to Stay Wild

Another related and just as short and sweet:  Skip the Zoo, and Sea World

Sea World doesn't give a crap about their whales and dolphins.  They do give a crap about money.  Money talks people.  Please do NOT support Sea World in any way and any other park like it.  Imagine the power of people NOT buying tickets to see the shows and NOT buying the merchandise?  People fail to realize just how much power they have over corporations.  The common language we have with the greedy corporations is MONEY.  They want it, you don't have to give it to them.

The battle between the whales and the military rages on and looks like it will continue to do so for some time to come.  As with any battle, there are victories and there are defeats.  This article gives us a mixture of both:  Whales vs Navy: NOAA May Limit Sonar Tests

Are you planning to tune into the Academy Awards?  As you know, The Cove has been nominated for best documentary.  I normally do not watch awards shows, but will be checking for updates on the internet to see if they've won :-)

If you live in Australia, you may be interested in this site:  Save Our Marine Life    Having less than 1% of the marine life protected is a pretty sorry number wouldn't you say?  Get involved!

Site spotlight:  Earth Island Institute

Be sure to check out Sea Shepherd for their latest updates.

As new age'y and hippie'ish as this sounds, we are all connected on this planet.  This isn't about being a tree hugging environmentalist.  This is about caring about your world and all that live on it and in it.  Saving the whales and the dolphins, etal, and caring about the fate of our oceans could result in you saving your own life.  Otherwise, we're all just committing a slow and agonizing suicide.

The choice is ours.



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