Friday, April 30, 2010


Image credit:  Surfrider Foundation

Would you take a crap in the middle of your living room?  Would you allow anyone else to do so?

As terrible an analogy as that may be, that is what comes to my mind in regards to this whole oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

It's asinine thinking to begin with to even think for a milisecond that further offshore oil drilling is the answer to all that ails us.  President Obama may have put a temporary ban on further drilling, but the damage is done and his actions are not, in my opinion, stemming from anything remotely close to altruism.  He is a politician after all.  As humanity has largely proven time and time again, once this disaster is cleaned up and the investigation completed, most people will simply forget and move on while the vultures will re-appear and more crapping in our home will go on.

What pisses me off the most is the damaging effect this is not only doing to the ecosystem in the Gulf, but the harm it is also doing to various marine species.  How many are going to end up dead or dying, or washing up on the shores there? They're the innocents in this entire fiasco, not BP and their woes about how much this disastrous oil spill is going to cost them.    How much does it take for people to wake up and to fight back?  Do they need to see the oil spill reaching their back yard before they realize "Oh God, I'd better do something about this now."

If you care about this issue, feel free to go to the following link and make your voice heard:  Not the Answer

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That's all I have to say today.  This entire situation has not only made me literally sick to my stomach, but very sad to see such carelessness and selfishness in action. 

The world IS crapping in our living room.  The question now is, what are we going to do about it?

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Thank you for being here and for caring :-)


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. As a side note, I had an interesting experience at Miami Seaquarium many years ago after stumbling upon the dolphin tank. There was no one else there. Just me and this dolphin. I was walking by and he threw me a ball, so I began playing with him. It was clear that he wanted to engage me -- to play a game of catch. I was stunned by his intelligence. And when he looked me in the eye, well, I felt I had somewhat of a life-altering experience. At the very least, it changed my perspective on many things about the natural world. I was only about 25 years old, but could still sense a shift that has lasted all these years. I wish dolphins weren't held captive, but in this one case, access to this dolphin led to a profound change in my outlook about certain things.

  2. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing that :-)