Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

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Today on Oprah, The Cove will be featured.  Be sure to check your local listings :-)

I was recently featured on the Blog Interviewer.  A lot of bloggers are, so it's not the Academy Awards or anything  .. but they have a voting feature that resets every month that gives the featured bloggers a chance to win some great prizes.  Most of the prizes are related to blogging and how to help bloggers expand their sphere of influence or to potentially earn income from their blogs, etc.

Anyway, I certainly wouldn't complain if anyone wanted to take the time to check it out and vote for me once a day :: grin ::   You can find my blog linked here:  Eye of the Dolphin at Blog Interviewer

Sea Shepherd is encouraging people to take a stand against Japan on the whaling issue.

The Int'l Whaling Commission today is announcing a proposal to suspend commercial whaling.  You can read about that here at the WDCS website:   The Plan to Save Whaling, not Whales

Meanwhile, Japan's nose grows a little longer and their hypocrisy a little louder in stating they are "willing to reduce Antarctic whale catch if they can resume commercial coastal hunts."  :: cough cough ::  Yea, right.

Where's the freakin' punishment on countries like Japan anyway for all these years of having already killed thousands of whales illegally?  Now if the whaling is allowed to resume, even at reduced catch numbers, they are actually being rewarded.  

Still think more drilling for oil is the answer to our problems?  I think not:  Not the Answer
If that isn't the perfect example of encouraging us all to seek alternatives for our energy needs, then I just don't know what to tell you.  Over 70% of this planet is water.  Without our oceans, we die.  It's just that simple.  So continuing to pollute, defile, and otherwise crap on the very resource that sustains our lives is just beyond my personal comprehension to accept or process.  All the money and power in the world means squat if you aren't alive.  So what the hell are people thinking that more drilling is the answer?  I must be missing something ....

"Treat the Earth well, it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children." ~ Indian proverb ~

Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth -
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,
winged ones,
Swimmers. crawlers,
plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.

~ Native American Elder ~

"I am not an environmentalist.  I'm an Earth Warrior." ~ Darryl Cherney ~

Celebrate your home, it's the only one you've got :-)

Happy Earth Day to all ...

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