Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Angry

(Artist credit:  Jim Warren)

Okay, so that break didn't last too long.  I can't shut up.

I have a rant I need to get out of my system. 

(1) I'm angry that BP still hasn't gotten a handle on this damn oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

(2)  I'm angry that BP, the Federal government, and various other so-called politicians and regulators and other people in positions of authority and/or power appear to be mostly standing around not knowing whether to scratch their watches or wind their butts.  

(3)  I'm angry that various wildlife, on the land and in the water, are getting sick, getting slicked, and getting killed.

(4)  I'm angry that it took President Obama over three weeks to act like he was doing something about this mess.  Even now, he's still not taking a strong enough stand on this.  I'd put him in the "scratching my watch, winding my butt" group of nincompoops on this matter.

(5)  I'm also angry at Obama for breaking his promise to not turn his back on issue of ending commercial whaling.   

(6)  I'm angry that Sea World is not yet out of business.  And I'm angry at the people who continue to buy their tickets, merchandise, etc. and don't seem to give a damn.  What part of captivity is cruel do folks not understand?

(7) I'm angry that despite the obvious environmental catastrophe in the Gulf, that certain people are still clamoring for more oil drilling.  I'll be bitchy for a second and put them in the category of folks who actually want Sarah Palin to be our next President of the United States. 

(8)  I'm angry that according to this poll (CNN Oil Spill Poll)  16% of the respondents state they do not feel they, or anyone they know, are now or will ever be directly impacted by the Deep Horizon Oil disaster.  What?!  I knew narcissism was alive and well, but this one takes the cake.

(9)  I'm angry that when the EPA demanded BP to stop using toxic dispersants, BP basically flipped 'em the middle finger and said "It's not as toxic as you think."    Right, 'cuz ya know, you KNEW you had a problem with the Deep Horizon rig BEFORE it blew up and caused this big hellish mess.  So therefore, we should kiss your ass and believe whatever you say?  Okay, I'm convinced :-P

(10)  I'm angry that if just three sperm whales die in the Gulf as a result of all this, we could be seeing the end of them.  They are already on the endangered species list.

(11)  I'm angry that we need sites like these:  Gulf Oil Spill Tracker and Live Cam of the OIl Spill

(12)  I'm angry that we need sites and petitions like Cetacean Rights when it should be a given that these mammals have the right to co-exist with us in harmony and without fear for their lives.  And I'm angry that not every single human being on this planet has signed it.

(13)  I'm angry that countries like Japan take no heed to warnings like "Pride cometh before the fall" with their arrogance, ignorance, and greed in continuing to murder whales and dolphins without remorse or conscious.

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  1. Your blog includes a lot of interesting content and links, but virtually nothing about you. Is that intentional or am I just looking in the wrong place? Sometimes, as a reader, I find it useful knowing a bit about the person offering various commentaries. Gives the opinions and writings some context. On the other hand, I know one also has to guard their privacy.

  2. Hi Mick,

    Yeah, I'm a pretty private person .. and didn't consider that being more personal here might actually give the blog, as a whole, more personality :-) You have an excellent point there.

    I wanted this to be more focused on the things I'm passionate about (which is a reflection of my views and interests and therefore my personality I guess) versus a personal blog ...

    Perhaps I should consider adding to my "About me" section :: thinking out loud ::

    Thank you for your comment and feedback ... I'm going to think on that one :-)

    Have a blessed Memorial Day Holiday!