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To continue the theme of my previous post in which I submitted that our cetacean friends are of another dimension or world, I'd like to share some related sources. (The bold is mine for special emphasis.)

I have spiritual friends who live in Hawaii and swim with dolphins every day.  A relationship between human and dolphin is created.  My friends report a telepathic ability to communicate with dolphins who return to them on a regular basis.  They can call to the dolphins, whether on land or at sea.  This is done telepathically or with tones they establish between themselves and the dolphins.

My friend Paul has lived in Hawaii for the past 25 years, where he studies healing and metaphysics.  Each day he goes to the ocean and swims with the dolphins, who he believes speak to him.  Through the years, their size and patterns have changed, intuitively telling Paul that great change is about to happen not only where he lives on the Big Island, but everywhere on the Planet.   Other friends who work and swim with dolphins, also pick up messages from them of great cataclysmic changes taking place and accelerating.

Years ago, channelers allegedly brought messages through dolphins, also about Earth changes.  Some say dolphin frequency connect Earth's oceans with Jupiter's moon, lo.  They believe alien life forms travel back and forth to planet Earth from lo.  While here, they take on the persona of dolphins and use their energies and harmonic tones to heal and balance the planet.  This is also linked to theories of aliens who visit here and take on human or animal forms to heal and help the planet move into its next stage of evolution.

Dolphins have a strong metaphysical link to our planet in that they are part of the sea, the oceans, the primordial waters that we associate with the collective flow of consciousness or the source of creation, that which creates the illusions of reality through which we virtually experience.  According to mythology, they walked on the land at one time, then went back to the sea. 

(Source: Crystal Links: Dolphinmeta)

Carl Jung wrote in The Cosmic Connection, Doubeleday 1973:

The Cetaceans hold an important lesson for us.  The lesson is not about whales and dolphins, but about ourselves.  There is at least moderately convincing evidence that there is another class of intelligent beings on earth besides ourselves.  They have behaved benignly and in many cases affectionately towards us. We have systematically slaughtered them.

It is at this point that the ultimate significance of dolphins in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence emerges.  It is not a question of whether we are emotionally prepared in the long run to confront a message from the stars.  It is whether we can develop a sense that beings with quite different evolutionary histories, beings who may look far different from us, even "monstrous," may, nevertheless, be worthy of friendship and reverence, brotherhood and trust.  We have far to go; while there is every sign that the human community is moving in this direction, the question is, are we moving fast enough?

The most likely contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is with a society far more advanced than we.  But we will not at any time in the foreseeable future be in the position of the American Indians or the Vietnamese -- colonial barbarity practiced on us by a technologically more advanced civilization -- because of the great spaces between the stars and what I believe is the neutrality or benignness of any civilization that has survived long enough for us to make contact with it.  Nor will the situation be the other way around, terrestrial predation on extraterrestrial civilizations -- they are too far away from us and we are relatively powerless.  Contact with another intelligent species on a planet of some other star -- a species biologically far more different from us than dolphins or whales -- may help us to cast off our baggage of accumulated jingoisms, from nationalism to human chauvinism.

Though the search for extraterrestrial intelligence may take a very long time, we could not do better than to start with a program of rehumanization by making friends with the whales and the dolphins.

I talk now and then about our energy, our vibrations, etc.  About how we can collectively raise the energies to create positive change.  And most people know that love is a far more powerful energy source than hate.  Love is a higher vibration and hate is a lower vibration.  And so on.  Everyone knows this.  It's not always easy, given our individual challenges for whatever reason, but I try to remind myself of this and am continually working on it ... 

Anyway, "Little Grandmother" has this to say relating to our energies, consciousness, and whales, dolphins, and elephants...

 I know the dolphins, whales and elephants, these three animals have a higher vibration, a higher energy than even the most beautiful human being on our planet at this time.  They do come from somewhere else and I know that sounds strange to many of you but I can tell you matter of fact, their energy is higher than any human being on our planet.  These animals are wiser than the wisest being ever to be on our planet.  That is just matter of fact and to be in the presence of such animals is hard to give expression to.  It's hard to give words to such an experience.  These animals I can say with my own knowing are holding a vibration for us humans even in our darkest hour when us human beings have been the worst of our worst, they are the ones that have held their vibration to keep this planet OK.  And for anyone to think it is OK to kill a dolphin, a whale, or an elephant is killing every one of us and our planet.

These animals, even in our darkest hour, even in our most extreme ugliness as human beings, these are the animals that kept the vibration high enough for this planet to stay alive. They are the ones that saves us many times and they are still singing their songs and they are still giving of their energy to help us through this shift.  We will see more and more in the next year, things happening with the elephants, the dolphins, and the whales.  It will be on our news, it will be on our televisions and in our newspapers.  People as they start awakening, the first thing that will start happening is the protection of these three animals.  As we awaken as the human race we will realize that desperate protection we must provide for them because there is a connection between us the human beings and them for our own survival.

(Source:  Tribe of Many Colors  Transcript of June 14, 2010 radio interview)

Energy travels well through water.  Water is the source of life.  Oceans give us life and sustain us.  Without water and therefore without our Oceans, we would not be alive.   So it's rather fitting, in my opinion, that our cetacean friends make water not just their home, but their means in which to spread their energies, love, and messages.

Like I theorized in my previous post, the dark forces of our world have been working overtime for many decades to decimate our spirits and our quality of life.  Anything that helps to raise our consciousness and vibrational energy levels is, to them, a reason to kill or destroy.

Help to save our dolphins and whales .... and you will ultimately save not just yourselves, but your loved ones and your home.  We can choose life or death, love or hate, light or dark.  We are far more powerful as spiritual and energy beings than we give ourselves credit for.



  1. I know this is a blog about dolphins, but we're from Maui and I just wanted to share with you our excitement over the return of the humpback whales to the Hawaiian waters. It's something that we look forward to every year. Here is a recent article about the whales that I think you might like.
    People here in Maui love the whales. We love them and protect them.

  2. Hi Roger,

    I do a lot of focus on the whales as well ... so I'm happy to share your link :-)

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time!