Saturday, April 9, 2011

Without Me There Is No You

 (Artist credit:  Christian Lassen)

Please check out withoutmethereisnou's YouTube channel and blog:

YouTube:   Withoutmethereisnou Channel

Blog:          Without Me There is No You 

Here's a really cute video of a cat and dolphin interacting & playing together:

Cat and Dolphin  (Link goes straight to YouTube)

Embedded here (email subscribers might not see the video here, so use link above.)

I hope to resume more regular posts here now that I have mostly settled in at my new home after months of my partner and I doing the renovations.  My apologies for the long absence ... but do hope everyone is doing well.  Personally, I am happy Spring has sprung :-)

If you are on Facebook, there are a number of great pages related to our beloved Cetacean friends.  If you'd like the links to some I recommend, please post a comment and I'll put up a post dedicated to my favorite Facebook dolphin/whale related groups or pages.

Until next time - mahalo for being here,


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  1. I love that cat and dolphin video. Even cats want to swim with the dolphins, just like humans.