Monday, February 13, 2012

Madness Reigns

(Artist credit:  Data2link @ Deviant Art)

As if killing whales and dolphins isn't enough, Japan has plans to begin seal hunting.  Never mind that Japan fishermen have hunted many species of fish to the point of extinction. Many species are already at or near 90% depletion.  Never mind that humans have options on what to eat, the animals do not.

Japan's method of killing seals?  Shoot 'em.   82% of seals who are shot do not die from that first bullet.  Humane?  Hell no!

Japan wails on and on about how they feel many people are racist against them.  I don't give a crap what nationality, ethnicity, color, etc you are. If you're seriously going to be a narcissistic greedy egoistical asshole and think YOU are entitled to deplete all the resources on this planet, then it's pretty damn simple- you SUCK!  What the hell are you going to do once you've hunted down every last animal or mammal?  How will you deal once there's NOTHING left?  I simply can not believe the idiocy, the lack of foresight, and the appalling lack of compassion and empathy people and countries like this have.  Sustainability and peacefully co-existing means squat to these folks. 

Link:  Japan to Start Seal Hunting

Ok now that I've gotten my little tantrum there out of my system ...

Some drama between Surfing Life and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

First, Surfing Life posted an article before last weekend:  Fuzzy Wuzzy Whales  which resulted in hundreds of varying comments.  Captain Paul Watson then wrote a lengthy response to Surfing Life, which is published here:  Sea Shepherd Responds

If you like to participate in discussions like this online, there are comments sections after both articles.   Personally, all I care about is that the SSCS gets results and have played a huge hand in messing with Japan's ability to kill whales.

I am currently reading this book:  The Dolphin in the Mirror    I highly recommend it :-)

Another book I believe I have mentioned previously is Dolphin Way.  I have not yet read it but have heard a lot of rave reviews on it.  Mark Caney also has a group discussion forum on Facebook that is very active about news and issues related to our cetacean friends.

Still on the subject of books, two others I have also mentioned before, have read and highly recommend:

Rekindling the Waters: The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins - Leah Lemieux

The Aquarians: 2012 - A New Era Begins - Eric Rankin

I'm sure by now you've heard of the famous PETA lawsuit against Sea World that has been dismissed by the Judge hearing the case.  I'm not surprised.  I don't think the world is ready (yet) to accept certain species as being equal to humans.   Personally, I think this lawsuit didn't have a chance in hell.  But the good thing is that it certainly got people talking and raised a lot of awareness about the plight of the orcas and dolphins being held captive in marine parks.

I believe changes need to be made in the laws.  And those of us that are against cetaceans being held captive still have a lot of work ahead of us in continuing to educate and help make more people aware of this.  Change is slow, but I do see it happening.  Hopefully we won't be too late.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Martin Luther King Jr




  1. This is just my opinion, but I feel that some of the problem with the PETA lawsuit may be that so much of what they do is being held up to scrutiny as unethical and/or extremist(and often unethical and hypocritical), therefore any lawsuit they are part of is going to lose some credibility. It would be better to have a less controversial group working for the whales, I think.

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