Friday, January 3, 2014

Start the Harmony

(Credit:  Unknown.  Image found on Facebook.)

Thanks to Blackfish, 2013 saw the rise in public awareness on the issue of cetacean captivity.  This article gives a pretty good summary of this past year's milestones:  Best Achievements in Cetacean Advocacy for 2013.

James McWilliams recently wrote an article for Forbes about how Blackfish seems to have rattled Sea World and other marine parks and gotten people to reconsider buying tickets or supporting such parks.  Forbes asked him to modify his article and he refused, standing by what he wrote.  He ended up quitting rather than give in to their pressure tactics.  Forbes removed the article from their website but James McWilliams re posted it on his site here:   James McWilliams

Kudos and respect to this guy for having the courage of his principles.

Good video here on a guy who took his niece to Sea World and tried to see it from a child's perspective, but just couldn't get past what a prison it seemed for these animals:  Fellow Prisoners

Beautiful, magical, stunning video of underwater footage of humpbacks:  Leviathan

We've come a long way, individually and collectively, in our efforts to bring more awareness to our friends in the sea.  Unfortunately, the fight is far from over.  With only about 3% of the whale population left from previous numbers, the sense of urgency couldn't be stronger.

To everyone who continues to speak up, participate, volunteer, write, dance, or sing, my heartfelt thanks for your compassion, time, love, and energy devoted to this issue.  Even if you're simply an armchair activist raising hell from your home office, you matter and you make a difference!

As JFK has said, "Every person can make a difference and every one should try."

Send out daily mojo and good energy to the dedicated people fighting in Taiji and on Sea Shepherd's ships in the Southern Ocean.

Send out frequent vibes of love and peace to our whale and dolphin brothers and sisters and let them know we are not only never going to give up being their voices, but we ask for their forgiveness as well for the cruelty far too many humans display towards them.

Despite too many still dying, I try to remember this wonderful Native American quote:

 (Credit:  Google Images)

I remain hopeful we'll halt all of these atrocities and end the slavery of captivity before we reach the point of no return (extinction.)

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