Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Earth, Whales, and Seals

Check out this really cool site called Earth-Touch. Amazing videos of wildlife and marine mammals. Registering is free.

Bear in mind it's still in the beta stage so technical difficulties might occur.
Definitely worth your while.

Greenpeace currently has a
Whale naming contest going on. Voting ends November 30th.

So far, the leading name is
Mister Splashy Pants ( lol ) I voted for "Libertad," which means 'freedom' in Spanish.

You can only vote once, but spread the word.

Another excellent site to check out that covers the issues of Whaling and what we can do to stop it is,
Stop Whaling.

There are action alerts, news links, and other informative contacts and connections. Bookmark it and check in on it regularly :-)

Someone is taking sick pleasure in shooting at fur seals in an area that was set aside for the conservation of wildlife. Read more here:
Dozens of fur seals found shot dead in Tasmania

And some people wonder why I often prefer the company of the non-human species. Sad .. just very, very sad.

Cool article here about how the environment can shape dolphin noises. The research was done by a college student and her current project now is to study the acoustics of the humpback whales.

Environment Shapes Dolphin Noises

On a side note, I have decided to add a couple of Amazon widgets to my sidebar. I've long shopped at Amazon but was not an affiliate until today.

The reason why I decided to join them as an affiliate is because I like their huge stock of inventory relating to dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals. I also happen to like their service and have never been disappointed.

The first widget includes random items that Amazon selects according to the content of my blog. You'll find a lot of terrific things there to check out.

The second widget includes books that I have personally read, have enjoyed immensely while learning a great deal, and feel good about recommending. This list may expand, given I am an avid book worm and am usually reading a book when I'm not online, watching my favorite sports, or walking my dogs.

Currently, I am reading "The Emotional Lives of Animals" by Marc Bekoff. It's at the top of my recommended list on the sidebar. It's truly an amazing book.

I know in my first post I stated that at the time, I had no intention of including a means of earning money here. However, I plan to donate 10% of anything I earn via this blog and the links provided on here, to the organizations I have listed in my sidebar. I plan to rotate around them every month (if I have earned anything) and making the donations. There are a lot of worthy organizations on this list so I like to spread it around.

I look forward to being able to do more in this area and hopefully we can all make a difference in our own way.

Please feel free to let me know you're out there, reading and enjoying my blog (or not lol). I welcome feedback, criticism, comments, etc. Don't be shy!

Thanks for making me part of your journey!




  1. I'm going to go look at Stop Whaling right now. Sounds like something I'd be interest in. Great post with tons of useful information.


  2. Hi Lisa!

    Thx for stopping by and leaving a comment ... I appreciate it!


  3. Thank you JJ! I appreciated you stopping by and taking the time to say hello :-)


  4. Hi,
    Thanks so much for mentioning our website, Earth-Touch ( on your blog.
    We aim to bring users beautiful footage of animals, including marine life, as soon after it's been filmed as possible (wherever we can, within 24 hours).
    Here are a couple of links to some of our more popular videos of marine life, filmed in the past few months:

    Close encounter with a leviathan:

    (southern right whale)

    Up close with bottlenose dolphins:

    Swimming amongst seals:

    Eyeball to eyeball with a great white shark:

    Fish defend nest:
    Blue-spotted chromis

    We have also served hundreds of other HD videos of wildlife including turtles, rays, also land mammals like lions, bison, elk, cheetah, elephants, etc (you can search by species, using the search bar).

    Also be sure to check out our blog, which supports the main site:

    Tara Turkington,
    Earth-Touch Editorial Team

  5. Hi Tara ..

    Thank you so much for stopping by! I also appreciate the links you've shared and will be checking them out ...

    Happy New Year and thank you again :)


  6. Hi again, Dolphin,
    Sorry, I see I provided you with the wrong link for the clip of Cape fur seals in their natural habitat, off the coast of the Western Cape province in South Africa.

    It is:
    Swimming amongst seals
    Swimming amongst seals

    Please let me know if you'd like some pics/videos for your blog, or any further information.

    Have a great 2008!