Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Splashy Pants and the Crazy Clicker

(Artist credit: Christian Lassen)

Turns out that the Whale naming contest going on over at
Greenpeace has a crazy-clicker. Everyone is allowed one vote. But due to a script error, which this crazy-clicker figured out, multiple votes from one I.P. address were recorded.

Multiple? Big deal huh? Well ... 150 clicks per minute is a sign of quite the dedicated (or obsessed) whale fan ROFL

This writer over at
Greenpeace wrote a blog about this ... and it's really quite funny.

Incidentally, Mister Splashy Pants is winning in a landslide. So far, he's got well over 70% of the vote. In addition, this vote has been extended until December 7th. With a name like this, you can't help but smile.

The public relations on this competition and the catchy name of
Mister Splashy Pants, has already gone into hyperdrive. You can check that out here -> Mister Splashy Pants Goes Viral!

So be sure to get your Mr. Splashy Pants T-shirt and bumper stickers soon .. and expect Mr. Pants to make the headline news. Heck, maybe we'll see a movie or a cartoon come out with this title. How about a children's book? He might even become a popular write-in candidate for President next year ;-)



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