Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flip Flops and Indecision on Whaling

(Artist Credit: Sachi's Dolphin Art)

Picture this. You walk into a shop that specializes in whale related products. Like stuffed toys, key chains, posters, t-shirts, etc., all sharing one thing in common - the whale. Kinda like walking into a Disney store and feeling like a kid surrounded by the happy faces of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and the rest of their friends.

Happiest place on Earth? You might think so. That is, until you catch sight of a chiller at the back of the store. Curious, you walk over expecting maybe juices or sodas to be for sale. Instead, it's stocked full of whale meat.

Not feeling so warm and fuzzy any more, huh?

There is such a place in the middle of Tokyo's tourist district.

Back in Tokyo, despite claims of traditionalism, Japanese shoppers didn't appear very keen to buy the whale meat on offer.

If whale meat was in great demand, you'd expect diners in this city of 12 million to be queuing up by the thousands.

Full article here: Want to buy whale toys, whale posters, and whale meat?

One individual from Tauranga is so passionate about preventing Japanese whaling, that he's heading out solo - on his own yacht - to the Southern Oceans.

His boat is a "self-made, 10 metre labour of love." Personally, I admire his courage. If I had my own boat, I'd want to do the same thing. At the same time, I hope and pray he will be safe out there and I urge everyone to send positive and protective energies his way.

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Greenpeace and I are in agreement with how weak the Prime Minister of Australia's statement is regarding it's diplomatic relationship with Japan. He basically feels that the Australian and Japanese government's relationship with one another is strong enough to withstand this disagreement over whaling and that we can all basically just "agree to disagree."

Weak man, very weak.

At least Greenpeace is speaking up about it and challenging Kevin Rudd on this matter.

Greenpeace Rebukes PM on Diplomacy

Mr. Rudd continues to be put under pressure to confront Japan over it's whaling activities and continues to seemingly straddle the fence, trying to appease both sides diplomatically. Take a stand man. There's nothing diplomatic about Japan's stance on whaling. Their argument that it's all for scientific research continues to be bullshit and you know it.

In addition, as has been stated before, Japan has plans to build a new "super whaling" ship.

Mr Shallhorn also claimed Japan was planning to build a new whaling factory ship, with three times the capacity of its current ship, the Nisshin Maru.

"Greenpeace has discovered that the Fisheries Agency of Japan plans to replace the aged and ailing Nisshin Maru factory ship with a proposed `super' whaling factory ship," he said.

The new ship, with a 6,000kg whale meat payload, committed Japan to whaling for another 40 years, he said.

PM Pressured to Confront Japan Over Whaling

Sea Shepherd is taking a more blunt approach and is calling Kevin Rudd out on his "gutless" stance against Japan. Good for them. Mr. Rudd made a campaign promise to do something about the whaling and so far, he's attempting to put on a typical politician show that in the end, only makes him look like a bigger asshole.

Read more here: Anti-whalers last 'gutless' government

Continue to make your voices heard on this subject please. Continue to email, fax, and send letters to the Japanese embassy and government. It's been well proven that the international outrage on this matter has started to get under the skin of Japanese officials and they are feeling the pressure globally. Now is not the time to back down .. this fight will continue until ALL whaling is stopped.



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