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Humpbacks Spared - But Not Minkes or Fins

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Eh, seems the news releases are causing a little confusion about Japan suspending the whale hunt this season.

To clarify, it appears they will sign off on suspending the hunt for the 50+ humpback whales they had planned to kill. They still continue with their plans to hunt down and kill over 900 Minke and Fin whales.

Japan on verge of dropping humpback kill - but will still pursue Minkes

So it's a semi-victory at this point in time. Still something to celebrate, but yet more work needs to be done and the protests need to continue to be heard.

Screw this. Japan relationship still good


Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Mr Garrett on Wednesday announced the federal government would send a formal diplomatic protest to Tokyo and send a Customs vessel into the Southern Ocean to monitor the Japanese whale hunt.


"We think the relationship is robust enough and there's enough good relationships between us ... to have a difference of opinion on this issue," Mr Garrett told the Nine Network.

A difference of opinion? Pbbbllltttt It's still about politics and greed.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd reminds me of Bill Clinton's policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" regarding gays in the military. Mr. Rudd is playing both sides of the fence and trying to please everyone. The problem with that is, he's not taking a very strong stand on the issue of whale hunting because he cares more about his country's economic relationship with Japan.

Read more here: Japan put on notice

Another news release: Japan seen halting humpback whale hunt


Japan has apparently agreed not to kill humpback whales during its current Antarctic hunt, the U.S. ambassador to Tokyo said on Wednesday, a move that could help ease criticism of its controversial whaling programme.

Sorry, that's bullshit. I do not see this easing criticism and it shouldn't. Japan's claims that killing over 900 minke and fin whales is for scientific research is completely bogus. There are so many other ways to do scientific research on these mammals without harming or killing them. This continues to be, in my opinion, a serious outrage.

United States pushes Japan to Halt Whale Hunt

A Japanese official said there was no written agreement to halt the hunt, but acknowledged that Tokyo could be considering changes to its whaling program in light of the fierce international opposition to the hunt.


Critics say the program is a shield for Japan to keep its whaling industry alive until it can overturn a 1986 ban on commercial whaling.

One step forward, two steps back. I see this as a very slight improvement and it comes across to me as sort of a temporary means of appeasing people and to get them to back off a bit.

I don't think so.

Late addition due to a new press release:

Japan Denies Agreement on Humpback Whale Kill


A spokesman for Japan's Foreign Ministry says there is no formal agreement yet on abandoning his country's plans to kill up to 50 humpback whales in the Southern Ocean this summer.

Last night, the US Ambassador to Tokyo revealed that Japan may agree to abandon the humpback kill because of international concerns.

The ABC has been told that an agreement could be finalised later this week.

Tomohiko Taniguchi from Japan's Foreign Ministry says he is not aware of an agreement at this stage.

Someone needs to get their stories straight and stop screwing around on this issue.



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