Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Whales Spared!

(Artist credit: Christian Lassen)

The Prime Minister of Australia backs the anti-whaling campaign to stop Japanese whaling near Antartica.

The pressure is on internationally, with over 2100 signatures coming in via an online petition, as of last night.


By last night, more than 2100 people had signed an online petition urging the Japanese Government "to abandon its abhorrent whaling programme", including actress Lucy Lawless, singer Hollie Smith and radio and television presenter Marcus Lush.

Signatures had come from Papua New Guinea, France, the United States - and Japan.

According to the email alert I just received from Blue Voice, Japan has basically buckled from the pressure and has now suspended their whale hunt!

Email in full from Blue Voice:


Reports from Tokyo indicate the Japanese have told the American Ambassador they will not hunt humpbacks this season.

Australia has indicated she will send an armed vessel and aircraft to monitor the Japanese fleet and bring back evidence to support Australia's legal action against Japan in the World Court.


Your phone calls and faxes protesting Japan's whale hunt sent a strong message to Japanese embassies around the world. Faxes and phone calls forced them to pay attention. Thanks for the reports you sent us of your interactions with embassy officials. Your voices were heard.

:: happy dance ::

In doing an internet news search on this press release, I have not yet found this update. So I hope it is a valid update as it did come directly from the Blue Voice organization.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the online campaigns, who sent emails, letters, and faxes to the Japanese government voicing their displeasure and disgust over the slaughter of these beautiful mammals.

It's a good feeling to know that so many people all over the globe banded together to stop this.

It's a great day!



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