Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who Killed Flipper?

(Artist credit: Christian Lassen)

What's been happening with Sea Shepherd since my last update? I can summarize it in just a few sentences.

(1) Japan's Yushin Maru #2 got chased into some thick ice floes while running from the SS ship. Seems they were more afraid of SS than the ice. Which leads to #2 ...

(2) Yushin Maru #2 sustained propeller damage caused by the icebergs and had to limp to Indonesia, seeking repairs. It took them a little over two weeks to get there.

(3) While docked in Indonesia, they were refused service and repairs. The officials in Indonesia, after confirming with Australia and others that the Yushin Maru was, indeed, a whaling ship, told them to leave. Turns out Japan lied to Indonesia about who and what they were about.

== Go Indonesia! :: wild applause :: ==

(4) So the Yushin Maru limps away from Indonesian waters after being ordered to leave and Sea Shepherd had no idea for awhile where they were and what was going on .. until a few days ago. They find out that the Yushin Maru was repaired in another place unbeknowest to them and according to Greenpeace, is heading back to Japan.

(5) What's good about the YM having been down for the count for so long is that it's hindered further, the whale culling. What's also good is the fact that Indonesia took a stand against the whaling and Captain Watson is calling that a major political victory.

You can read about that here: Where in the World is the Yushin Maru?

Sea Shepherd was recently docked in Hobart to refuel and is now back out there pursuing the Japanese fleet.

It does appear, by Captain Watson's reports, that approximately a third of the quota Japan had hoped to achieve in their whale kills, will not be met. So that's very good news. Hopefully that number will only improve and we can see similiar, if not better, numbers as last year. Obviously the Sea Shepherds are doing a bang up job of distrupting this so-called "research" Japan continues to do.

Interesting article in yesterday's Washington Post discusses the criteria for rescuing animals. One of the stories has to do with a pod of dolphins that were stranded for awhile in New Jersey. If you recall, I wrote a little bit about this in a previous post.

In another related post, it seems that the dolphins that were stranded there, have died and some people are quite furious that nothing was done to herd them to warmer and safer waters.

In Mossel Bay, South Africa, there's a fight between environmentalists/marina mammal lovers and PetroSA. PetroSA has plans for a liquid gas mooring facility in this particular bay, which has, thus far, been one of the "last pristine marine areas."


Noise and light pollution would affect the whales and dolphins that frequent the bay and also subject them to the risk of entanglement in underwater cables. A fire or explosion would have "catastrophic long-term consequences"

You can read the full article here: Cape Whales Face New Threat

So I hear it can and does get cold in Florida lol. How have the dolphins in the gulf coast off of Florida been faring? You can find out here: Bigger is Better

Maybe this kid will one day be President?

Excerpt of message she wrote in a letter to President Obama:

First of all, try to sometimes focus on other things rather than politics. For instance, marine mammals (whales, dolphins, penguins, etc.). They need more help than ever trying to survive in the ocean. You could get a team of people who really care and send them out to watch the whales, dolphins and penguins so hunters won't kill them. That would be extremely helpful to all the animals who need it. As for me, I would be happy as a little kid on their birthday (I love dolphins!).

She's got my vote :-)

Highly recommended reading: Who Killed Flipper?

Information on this documentary can be found here: The Cove

This is one film I'm definitely putting on my "must see" list.




  1. It does get cold in Florida. This morning was about 43 degrees in Naples. I've been kayaking with some dolphins in Naples Bay lately. I think they're the same species that I paddle with back in New Jersey, but they hang out in smaller groups her.

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