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Whalers Getting More Violent?

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So Phil the Groundhog says we have six more weeks of winter. Blech. Phooey. :: blowing raspberry :: What does that silly little fur faced varmint know anyway :-P LOL I'm so over snow. Bring on spring ASAP please.

I was invited to be a guest blogger over at Paw Talk and they just put up my post today. They are a cool site focusing on animals and also include a forum. Please do check them out. You can find my post specifically here: Eye on the Dolphin

I have also been invited to possibly write a guest post on Reef Tank. This site focuses marine species and salt water aquariums. They are definitely worth your time. Very cool!

Guess the Japan Whalers are getting frustrated with Sea Shepherd's interference. They have now lowered themselves to launching concussion grenades, brass bolts, and chunks of lead at the Sea Shepherds. They've also threatened to use Long Range Acoustic Devices, which are military class weapons and can cause disorientation, vomiting, confusion, and sometimes temporary deafness.

The Sea Shepherds do not use anything that will physically harm anyone. They just throw acidic butter, etc that results in stinking up the ship and making it difficult for the whalers to do their work.

So it's really telling how far the Japanese whalers will go to protect their greediness and their desire to continue slaughtering innocent creatures.

You can read about this here: Battle for the Whales in the Ross Sea

At least, at the moment, no whales are being killed thanks to the Sea Shepherd's continuing presence out there. That also means the Japan ships are burning about 25 tons of fuel daily and losing even more money. Obviously it's the Sea Shepherd's goal to force Japan to whimper home with little to no profits again this year, as it happened last year and the year before.

Captain Paul Watson has another wordy yet passionate update here: Whalers Doing Crazy Joes

Did you know that Iceland has decided to resume whaling? They are going after the endangered Fin Whales and threatened Minke Whales. Iceland had not slaughtered any whales since 1986, when Sea Shepherd activists had sunk about half of the Iceland whaling fleet.

Apparently Iceland feels it has a license to resume killing whales given the turmoil their country is currently undergoing and the state of their economy. I guess it's okay to approve murder of people now too? What a lame excuse to resume whaling.

You can read about this here: Icelandic Criminal Whaling Resumes

Do boycotts make a difference? Personally, I don't know .. but I would imagine if enough people did stop buying certain things from certain countries, it would have an impact on that country's economy. Read about Sea Shepherd's boycott of Iceland here: Boycott Iceland

This brief article lists some of the Icelandic companies and their products: Buy Only Whale Safe Products

The United States, Australia and other anti-whaling nations had approached Japan with a compromise on whaling. In a nutshell, Japan rejected it. These countries fear Japan may withdrawn from the International Whaling Commission and then go brashly outside their rules to continue with more whaling, unabated.

Obviously Sea Shepherd won't have any of that and will continue to make life difficult for the whalers. I agree with Captain Watson's opinion that these anti-whaling nations really need to take a much stronger and more aggressive stand on this issue. Maybe I'm being silly, but offering compromises to murderers just seems .. ya know ... not right.

You can read about this here: Japan Rejects Appeasement Offer

Remember I mentioned in my previous post, about the movie The Cove? It won awards at this year's Sundance Festival as well. The direct website for this movie can be found here: The Cove Movie
I have also shared the trailer of this movie in another updated and separate post for today and will keep that up on top for awhile to continue attracting attention to the movie. So please be aware that new posts will show up under that movie trailer until I remove it.

I strongly encourage everyone to see this film when it is available in your area. As I also shared, this documentary focuses on the dolphin culling in Taiji, Japan. Please help spread the word on this very important film.



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