Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcoming 2010

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Happy New Year to everyone!  If your last year was one of struggle, I wish for this new year to be an easier journey for you.  If your last year was a good one, I hope the good times continue to roll :-)

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Tiger Woods.  I'm so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods.

Here's a challenging question:  Why are so many people quick to condemn Tiger for his indiscretions and yet are slow to condemn Bush and Cheney for being directly and indirectly responsible for the loss of millions of lives and the erosion of many of our civil liberties?

Just askin' .. because honestly, it truly baffles my mind.

In case you missed it, the Sea Shepherd crew extended a Christmas truce to the Japanese whalers that went :: surprise surprise :: unanswered.   Not even one day's peace could be acceptable to the whalers.  If that doesn't say a lot about the integrity and the character of the Japanese whalers, then I don't know what will.

Is the increasing acidification in our oceans causing our dolphins to lose their hearing

If you recall in my last post, I mentioned that Australia once again put out "threats" and "ultimatums" to the Japan whalers to cease and desist or there would basically be consequences.  Yeah, you've heard that tired refrain before right?   Japan is no longer stating they are hunting whales for scientific research.    Environmental Minister Peter Garrett continues to state that diplomatic avenues are ongoing.   Japan retorts now that "eating whale meat is part of our culture."   What happened to their argument that they were acting in the interests of science?  Uh huh.  As usual, the BS continues from both Australia (their failure to do more than just spout forth silly empty nonsense and threats) and Japan (Do not believe a single word we say.  We're liars.  We believe our lies and therefore, so should you!)

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Latest from Sea Shepherd:  Steve Irwin Returns to Battle

Who says our animal kingdom does not show empathy to one another or towards humans?  See this:  Animals Show Kindness

It's early to announce this I know ... but please mark your calendars and spread the word.  Wear Blue for Oceans on January 13th.  I'll repeat this again as a friendly reminder :-)

Check out this movie that is viewable on YouTube:  The Green Beautiful

It is broken down into nine parts and the link I just gave you is for Part One.  You'll be able to see the other parts on the right side if you wish to continue watching.  English Subtitles are included but if you prefer to use the closed captioning feature, that is also available.  Definitely worth your while. 

Wishing each of you nothing but the very best in this coming new year and beyond :-)



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