Friday, January 8, 2010

Hot Drama in the Cold Seas

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It's all over the news world-wide regarding the collision a couple days ago between the Japanese whalers and the Ady Gil boat.

As usual, both sides blame the other and each has video to prove that the other is at fault.

Check out the following links to read and view all about it.

Ecorazzi offers both views via video.  Check out the comments after as well.  There's a wide spectrum of opinions and some poop slinging amongst them.  I shouldn't be amazed that there are some human beings out there who take great pleasure in foaming at the mouth and insulting other people.  But I am.

Another related:  Ady Gil Sinks

Great article here with more showing on the collision videos:  Isn't Hit and Run at Sea Illegal?

Letter from an outraged American citizen that was sent to the Japanese Consulate:  Outrageous Conduct on the High Seas

Before all this happened, Sea Shepherd announced that after a year of self-imposed silence, that they have a third ship to add to their fight against the whalers - the Bob Barker.   Check it out here:  The Time is Right for Bob Barker

This is a writer after my own heart:  Ram Raid on High Seas

It's hard to tell from the videos, who exactly is at fault in this collision.  Some factors that play into that confusion is that where the videos were filmed offer a different perspective from the other.    One thing is very clear though and goes without saying is that it is very very fortunate that no one was hurt or killed.  The waters out there are very dangerous.  Even with a Mustang Suit, if you fall into that water, you have about three minutes to haul ass or you're done for.  It is also fortunate that the Bob Barker was there to rescue the Ady Gil crew.

According to Paul Watson, the whalers did not even bother to respond to the Ady Gil's mayday call after the collision.  They just kept on going.   That in and of itself clearly shows to me that they could give a shit about human lives out there.

Perhaps my perspective is biased, but there it is.

There are accusations that the Sea Shepherd deliberately allowed the collision to happen.  Sorry, I have a hard time with that one.  For one thing, you've got three minutes if you go into that water.  For another, the Ady Gil was worth 2 million US dollars.  As a non profit organization, are they really going to throw that kind of money away so easily?  I can't swallow that no matter how much of a drama queen certain people may be or how much publicity they crave for their cause.  They'd be lynched by not just the media, but the public and no doubt in a court of law, international or otherwise.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Sea Shepherd and what some people call questionable tactics, they still have my support.  They continue to be the ONLY organization out there that consistently fights to save the whales.  They talk the talk and walk the walk.  If it wasn't for Sea Shepherd advocating for the whales, I'd bet my last dollar they'd be extinct or seriously endangered due to the Japan whalers.   Scientific research?  Puhleaze.  If anyone actually believes that, I have some ocean front property in the state of Nebraska for sale.

Till next time, wishing the SS crew safety ... the whales Godspeed .. and the whalers lots and lots of butyric acid stink bombs. I hope Karma comes to bite each of the whalers in their collective butts.


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