Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whale Wisdom

(Artist credit: Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan)

Scott over at Dolphin Smile has an update about dolphin swims.  Do check it out if it interests you.

This blog post is a few months old, but worth reading:  The Politics of Whaling vs The Politics of Food Safety

Instead of appealing to the emotional side of appreciating nature, the wildlife, and our seas, this writer suggests we appeal to the economical side of it to get more people paying attention.  Would that work?  It's certainly an interesting premise.  You can read that here:  Saving Endangered Species - It's the Economy

It's been a tough season so far for the Sea Shepherd crew.  Paul Watson has his latest update here:  The Final Assault on the Cetacean Death Star

If you believe our cetacean friends have messages and lessons for us, you might be interested in this:  Wisdom From the Whales

Can DNA help to protect the whales & dolphins from poachers?  Links:

Back on the sonar front, it's always good news and bad news.  For the moment, this is good news:  Whales Get Support on Sonar Ban

I mentioned this book in a previous post written by Leah Lemieux. ((  Rekindling the Waters: The Truth about Swimming with Dolphins )) In that post,  the author dropped by here to leave a comment :-)   I wanted to share that she also has a website:  Rekindling the Waters   Please do check it out!

Website worth repeating, worth your while, worth your support - just worth it :-)

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