Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ocean Guardians

(Artist credit:  Jim Warren)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all football fans :-)   Neither team is one of my favorites but for today, I'm rooting for the New Orleans Saints to win.  Let's go boys! 

Let's start with Sea Shepherd shall we?   

It's been a busy week for these folks.

Australia is contemplating a law that will make it illegal to spy on anti-whaling ships.  They consider it aiding or helping the whalers and they simply will not stand for that.

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Personally, I have mixed feelings about this.  While I like to see everything possible being done to stop the whale slaughter, I am unsure that making it a crime to tattle tell on anyone that is potentially "interfering" with the whaling is a noble thing.  If you're going to make that a law, then it should work both ways.  Otherwise, isn't that just a form a censorship or favoritism or any other sort of "ism?"   But I admit I don't know ALL the details here other than what is in the news so maybe I am missing part of the bigger picture here. 

Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd found the whaling ships and then more drama ensued.  The Bob Barker has been allegedly rammed by Yushin Maru 3.  

The video showing this collision from the perspective of the Bob Barker can be found here:

Apparently this collision occurred because the Sea Shepherd crew had been successful in blocking the slipway (where they drag the whales up into the ship to subsequently be cut up.)  Link:  Bob Barker Shuts Down Whaling

Now I've only found this one video of the collision so it only shows one perspective.  While I'm no fan of the whalers, I also believe that in a situation like this, it is important to be able to see other angles on this video to determine who is at fault for this ramming.  And I find it hard to make that determination just on this one video alone. 

I really abhor violence.  And it seems the violence out there on this issue is just getting worse.  But then diplomacy has not worked so far, and since I am not out there in the thick of all this, it's hard for me to really lend a whole lot of weight to my arguments on what can or should be done.  

What I feel the most bad about are the whales themselves.  People make the choices to do what they are doing, but the whales are just living their lives and trying not to get killed in the process.  Hence, my sympathies in situations like this tend to lie more with the marine mammals than the human mammals.

I only hope and pray that no one gets hurt or killed in what appears to be an ever escalating and tense battle of wills and wits in a very unforgiving and hostile environment.

I refuse to post the video of this slaughter on here as the paused picture alone was more than enough to me.  It brings to mind visions of the harp seal cull and the gutless cowards running and hovering over the helpless seals with a bat in their hands ready to beat the animals to a pulp.   What the hell is wrong with people to do stuff like this?

I don't have to see the video to be outraged.  But if you have the stomach for it, you can see the article and video here:  Teens Slaughter Dolphins in Denmark as a Rite of Passage

Did you know there are only about 100 Maui's Dolphins left?  Fishers Warned as Dolphin Fight Continues

Remember it's been said by the Japanese whalers that the whales are to be blamed for the lackluster fishing industry?  Ya know, because they're eating up all the fish!!

Some people really have a hard time owning up to their own responsibilities, wouldn't you say?  The fishing industry alone is killing off various marine species because of their nets, their laziness, and their greed.  Am I being too mean on this subject?   Fishing Industry Killing World's Toothed Whales, Dolphins

If you are on Facebook, please check out the Ocean Guardians page. 

A Facebook friend of mine is launching a new magazine soon.  Currently the name is Oceans Magazine.  Please check them out and give them your support.  If you are a photographer or a writer, you may be interested in checking out their submissions guidelines to see if you are qualified to contribute and be part of their team. :-)

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Love the Earth, love yourself.  The life you save, may be your own.



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