Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wanted: Whale Whisperers

(Artist credit:  Eva M Sakmar-Sullivan)

Congratulations to the city of New Orleans in claiming it's first ever Super Bowl championship :-)  That was honestly the first SB game in years I've actually enjoyed. 

Latest updates via Sea Shepherd:

Is Japan finally starting to give up on whaling in the Southern Ocean?  This article says yes:  Japan May Scale Back Antarctic Whaling

If Japan actually decides to do this and do their whaling closer to home, is there anyone out there that speaks whale?  Be nice to warn all the whales and dolphins to stay away from Japan ... far far away. 

Besides, this article should be enough to tell anyone, including whaling friendly countries like Japan and Norway, that killing our marine mammals is NOT sustainable:   Man Made Ways of Killing Dolphins

The Huffington Post had an interview with Paul Watson:  Bob Barker Rammed by Whalers

Please check out and support Blue Voice.  They are another terrific organization doing wonderful things to raise awareness and working overtime to protect our friends in the sea.

Another organization deserving of everyone's support:  Surfrider Foundation

Do you live in Florida? Are you against oil drilling off your coast?  Are you free this Saturday?  Be sure to check out Hands Across the Sand

Between the greed of the oil industry, the damaging sonar noise from the military, and the fishing industry leaving their nets, longlines, etc. in the water and causing many species to get trapped and to drown, is it any wonder they are dying off?  Is it any wonder so many are beaching themselves?  I see it as a cry for help.  They are sending a blunt message to each of us that this can not go on. I don't know about you, but I personally can not envision a world without whales, dolphins, manatees, etc.  Can you?   Do enough people care?

A Message From the Dolphins and the Whales 

The dolphins and the whales commit to serving humanity. 
We do so with great compassion.  
We serve you with the essence of our heart song;
Be the Peace
Love yourself as you love another
Give our Earth Mother your commitment to treasure her natural resources.
Develop safe sources of energy that give back to Earth what she has given.
Live your lives as heart centered, conscious, light filled seekers of the truth;
Love is the only answer



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