Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Aquarians

(Artist credit:  Daniel B. Holeman)

I'm making today's post about one thing and one thing only - a book recommendation.  I've mentioned this book just a short while ago and it's absolutely without a doubt well worth repeating.  Why?  Because I just finished reading it and was left feeling all sorts of inspiring emotions.  Like hope for the future, inspiration via the dolphins who have a message for all of humanity if we would just quiet our minds and listen, and confirmation that some of what I have been feeling the past few years just might be linked to this new spiritual awakening our planet is feeling.

I know it sounds trite to some people.  And I know a lot of people stand on a wide and varying spectrum regarding the date of December 21, 2012.  Some feel it'll be the end of the world.  Some could care less.  And then some feel we are not only experiencing a spiritual awakening in various forms, whether we realize it or not, but that our planet is approaching a crossroads of a choice.

The choice of two different paths:  To go down the usual path of continuing our self destruction or to choose harmony and love with not only each other, but with all living beings.   That famous saying: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result," rings ever more true today.  Will humanity choose to cease with the insanity and choose a different, more enlightening and hopeful path? 

Our friends in the seas have been around far far longer than mankind.  Personally, I believe they are here to teach us and to open our hearts and minds to, as saccharine as this may sound to some, LOVE.  As the book says "Love is the answer."  Love, compassion, and forgiveness are the energies this world needs to feel more of.  These vibrational energies we put out there can and do make a difference.

Change doesn't happen overnight and we each have our individual internal struggles that color our everyday moods and perspectives, but I would like to set aside that sometimes cynical voice in me and choose to be hopeful.  We also struggle amid the daily bombardment from the media about wars and famine, people out of work, natural disasters, etc.  It is absolutely a challenge for every one of us to focus on something - anything - that will inspire us, or give us hope, or to believe in humanity's innate goodness.  But when we DO choose to focus on something positive, on a kind word given or received, on a feeling of love shared between friends or family, or to be moved by a song or a story, then you gotta admit it feels good, doesn't it?

Another great quote in the book:  'We're warm-blooded, air-breathing animals similar to them [dolphins] in many ways, but different in that we live on land, walk, build things, and are preoccupied with conflict and violence'.

Whatever your spiritual leanings, whatever you believe about 2012 or the future, and whatever you believe about dolphins, unless you are completely closed off you won't be able to help but feel inspired and hopeful after reading it.

Run, don't walk, to Amazon or your favorite bookstore and buy this book.  You absolutely without a doubt will not regret it :-)  Just click on the book image at the beginning of this post or this link:  The Aquarians: 2012 - A New Era Begins

Let me leave you with another quote from this book that is beautiful:  "Peace to guide the planets and love to steer the stars."

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