Saturday, April 3, 2010

Free the Pod

(Artist credit:  Jim Warren)

Apparently the problem I've been experiencing with Blogger this week is a common one among many others.  And apparently it's going to take Blogger techies some time to fix the issues.   So I've been playing around with the new templates the last few days and think I have finally found one I like.  I did try to go outside of the choices here at Blogger and found some really nice looking beach scene ones, but the templates I would try were not sticking or coming up with errors. (Another common complaint at this time in Blogger.)  So this beachy sunset background one will do for now.

I do hope you find it much easier to read now. If you still find it difficult, I would suggest if you are not yet a subscriber, you do so and have the new entries automatically sent to your email box, or to Google reader, or however you wish.  Should be much easier to read that way.  Incidentally, the last post is unchangeable in terms of the font color.  (Yet another common issue with the latest upgrades at Blogger.)  I do hope this new entry comes through in the manner in which I am expecting lol ... as I had spent hours on that last one trying to figure out what the heck was suddenly going wrong with everything.

WDCS (Whale Dolphin Conservation Society) has teamed up with other conservation groups to challenge the Navy's decision to build an Undersea Warfare Training range.  Figures they'd do this adjacent to the only known calving ground for the endangered N. Atlantic right whale.   Of course, war is a priority.  Stupid me :: slapping forehead in shock ::

Seems that even though the Canada PM announced an approved culling quote of almost 300,000 seals, that due to warming the hunters can't hunt 'em.  Unfortunately, the seals are still dying due to the lack of ice floes.  Fortunately, it'll be by natural death or via nature, instead of via the clubbing of cowardly idiots.  But I digress.  Article here:  Despite Mild Winter and Few Hunters, Seals Still Face Threats

Remember in the last post I talked a little about  Chris Porter, aka the Darth Vader of dolphins? Check out more at Free the Pod.

Check out the rarely seen account of a North Atlantic Right Whale giving birth.  According to NRDC, there are only about 300-400 of these whales left and unfortunately, this birth took place right outside a planned site for a Navy installation that will have year round sonar testing :-(

A 9 year old boy out of  Virginia Beach USA is one of ten finalists for the National Geographic Kids Ocean Flag Contest.  Check it out:  Beach Boy is Finalist

He said: 

“The love of ocean life triggers the inspiration of my design,” he stated in his entry. “I believe all ocean creatures just like human beings should have the rights to live well.”

The world needs more voices like his :-)

Have a great weekend everyone ... and please let me know if you like, dislike, don't care for the new look :-)  As always, I appreciate you taking time in your life to be part of my journey here ... 


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