Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BP = Bumbling Poopheads

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Various news reports offer up various versions of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

I'm amazed that there would be a media blackout considering BP does not own the Gulf of Mexico.  On one hand, I can understand doing so out of safety concerns.  On the other hand, silence doesn't ease concerns or fears.  It only encourages speculation and conspiracy theories.

That said, take the links I will be sharing here with a grain of salt.

It appears that shortly after the oil rig explosion, Britain offered to help with the clean up and the U.S. government declined.     Why?  This mess is only growing worse and is now on the precipice of being a global disaster versus a local one.  Politics and money should be set aside in the interests of ensuring this is nipped in the bud as quickly, as efficiently, and as safely as possible.  Right?  I must be missing something.  If an asteroid was heading straight for earth all the nations in the world would be banding together to brainstorm on how to stop it and then get busy.  Right?

Well this oil disaster in the Gulf has the potential to quickly reach the point of leaving no one on the planet immune.  Whether the oil ends up in the gulf stream and reaches our neighbors across the Atlantic, or creates oily rain across the eastern half of the USA causing pollution and harm to crops and our food supply, or a hurricane hitting the gulf and lifting up and spreading that lovely stuff even further inland.

I must be naive or missing something somewhere.

Has the silence of some environmental groups been bought?  Check out this article:  Sierra Club and Gang Green: Oil Spill Cleanup "Just Fine"

Is BP engaged in a massive cover-up of the disaster?  See this video:  BP Coverup

Another video:  Toxic Alert

Yet another:  Is It Raining Oil in Florida?

As if things couldn't get any worse, at first BP denied there were cracks in the sea bed (so shocking, them denying yet something else) but now they are admitting it:   Oil Spills from the Sea Bed

Folks in the Florida Keys aren't waiting for BP to get their crap together.  They are taking preventive action and attempting to prepare for the possibility of the oil spill reaching them:  Florida key Residents Plan Their Own Oil Spill Cleanup

BS politics and excuses from BP: (Excerpt from the Keys link)

But there's a problem with their plans for grass-roots activism: BP (and the Deepwater Horizon's Unified Command, which BP runs with the Coast Guard and other agencies) has so far insisted on complete control of the cleanup operations. A BP spokesman told TIME that the only appropriate way for interested boat captains to become involved would be to register with the Unified Command's Vessels of Opportunity program. Never mind that according to BP's numbers, only a third of the 7,200 boats "under contract" through the program are in active service. Robey says captains in the Keys haven't even been able to register. "It's a joke, a total joke," he says. "Our people have called them for over a month. They don't return phone calls."

I think I'm being way too kind calling these people bumbling poopheads.

In other news, as we approach the IWC meeting coming up next week in Morocco, things are heating up on this issue all over.

In Australia:  Canberra Acts on Whale Claims

In Palau:  Palau Ends Support for Japan's Scientific Whaling

Good one:  Whistle blower Aims to Expose the Dark Side of Japanese Whaling

Have you taken action yet against the IWC proposal?  It's not too late.

There can't be action against whaling without Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson weighing in:  Japan Dives Deep into Depravity to Destroy the Whales

Please watch this video: What Have We Done?

Then remind yourselves that "It only takes a fraction of 1% of a population to tangibly shift the energy of a whole area ..."    Peace in the Water

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