Monday, June 14, 2010

Whale Communicators

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I would like to put the spotlight on a certain someone who has been an incredible ambassador for our marine friends.  We've communicated extensively on Facebook and I have followed the regular updates, stories, links, videos, pictures, etc. that she shares.

On her Facebook info page, she writes this about herself:

I am an ambassador for the whales and dolphins who began this journey into the lives of our cetacean friends (whales and dolphins) to heal myself in 2008. I had lost 8 people I loved in a 14 month period of time to death and had to walk away from approx. 43 relatives for very sad unworkable reasons. As I was trying to land after a horrible start to the year it was Christmas yet again and I had just finished reading Mary Getten's book, Communicating with Orcas: The Whales Perspective. It was a enlightening book about Granny, a wild orca and the matriarch of J Pod in Puget Sound. Granny is guesstimated to be in her late 90s in age and the messages she was giving Mary were not of this world. They were sage nuggets of wisdom from heaven to my ears.

The Spring I took Mary's trip with WildQuest where we spent 5 days in the waters of Bimini swimming with wild free roaming dolphins I don't know exactly what happened that 4th day in the water with the bottlenose dolphins but something shifted and changed within me - the heart that had been split into hundreds of pieces started to come back together. It was an absolutely one of the best experiences of my life swimming with the dolphins that week.

Every time there were more than 3 bottlenose dolphins around me at once the hair on my arms would stand up and I would experience cold chills from head to toe, even though I wasn't cold. I could feel their echolocation/sonar pinging off me and hear their chattering and clicking every time they swam by me. It was AWESOME. I came back from Bimini healed in a very profound way. I can't explain what happened and I don’t need to – my heart tells me without words and for the first time in my life my heart is settled.

Dolphins and whales live in the pureness of consciousness and love. I chose to live my life as pure and as transparent as the whales and dolphins now that I have incorporated their energies into my daily life. By taking in their wonderful energies I believe it makes me a better person.I have more Joy in my life than ever before and I can smile again and feel it down to my toes

The whales and dolphins have shown me things about my heart and myself that I didn't know were possible. I started this journey wanting to learn everything I could about these beings and I found the very CORE of my BEing in the process.

Please follow the messages of the whales and dolphins as shared through other communicators and posted here on Facebook or at And please share these messages with anyone whose heart needs LOVE and healing.

And for those of you that doubt that this is true - please allow the messages to draw you back again and again. Allow yourself the chance to think like you never thought before. I promise it will change your life and open you up to the MAGIC of the universe and heavens.

Lots of love, light and laughter. . . always


Staci - a steward for the whales and dolphins

If you are on Facebook, please check her out under "Whale Communicators."

You can also just go directly to her website at: and click on the Facebook icon there.

Her continuous updates are often inspiring, enlightening, spiritual, and informative.

Mahalo :-)

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