Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blood Dolphins

( Artist credit: Egank0 @ Deviant Art )
I've been enjoying my summer and being outdoors as much as possible.  Since moving to the Midwest from sunny S. California six years ago, I've learned to appreciate the nice weather and to not take it for granted.  Winter here can be brutal and very long.  I witnessed in my first year here, leaves changing color by mid August, first snow arrived in Sept (although it was a light dusting, the temps were quite abnormal for that time of year) and the snow didn't stop exhausting itself until the following May.

I went out to do an errand today and while driving down one street near my home, I was shocked to see some trees were already changing colors.  I went on one of those crazy insane psychotic talking to myself rants and was pretty sure that anyone who saw me in my car pretty much concluded I was certifiable.

Just an unscientific theory of mine - but if leaves are already changing here in August, I'm thinking it's going to be one of those hellishly long winters that I'll emerge from just shy of summer next year ready to kill anyone who stands in my way of a warm, sunny day while I drive like a madwoman escaped from the local asylum to the lake.

So I'm going to enjoy what's left of summer and hope my amateur weather prediction for this next year is dead wrong.

I'm going to spare you some rants I've had in my head over BP and their continuing bumbling down in the Gulf.  I'm so sick of all the lies and the BS being perpetuated down there while the wildlife and the people living there continue to suffer while the rest of the world thinks the oil is now gone and life is back to normal.   It amazes me what short attention spans so many people have.

But I digress.  So instead of you suffering through a rant of mine today, I'm just going to direct you to this really great and informative blog that works hard to keep up with what's going on in the Gulf of Mexico and pretty much flips the middle finger to BP and the government in their attempts to get information out to everyone that the mainstream media is ignoring.     BP Oil Slick

If you get the Animal Planet, please be sure to check out Blood Dolphins.  It began airing last night and will continue every Friday for a few weeks as a documentary reality mini-series.  Please also check your local listings for when the movie The Cove is airing on this network as well.   If you have not yet seen that movie, please do so.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is gearing up soon for another season in the Southern Ocean fighting the Japanese whalers.  Please keep up to date at their site:  Sea Shepherd

I'll never understand how people can (1) pay to join whaling ships as tourists and bear witness to the murdering of these sentient beings and (2)  how certain people in Japan willingly and happily line up to watch the dolphin hunts, their waters turn blood red, and then celebrate with fireworks.  

Enjoy what's left of your summer :-)  And please continue to send out good energy, love, thoughts, and prayers to our friends in the seas.

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