Friday, August 6, 2010

Gulf Oil Flow Stopped, But BS Still Flowing

(Artist credit:  Andy Serrano @ Deviant Art)

Obviously it is great news that the oil spill/leak in the Gulf of Mexico has been stopped. I have been reading various reports that seem to conflict with one another though as to where the oil has gone, how toxic the corexit dispersant has been/is, if the seafood is safe to eat, and why the number of animals/mammals killed seems so low given the millions of gallons that flowed into the gulf.

Is there a conspiracy behind everything?  Is BP and/or the government hiding certain information from the public?

Let's have a look, shall we?

BP has been back and forth on the issue of corexit or any other dispersant that was put into the gulf.  Information has been conflicting as to how safe/unsafe it is and whether or not the amount of dispersants used has had a detrimental effect on the wildlife and the people living and/or working down there.   Documents Indicate Heavy Use of Dispersants and Coast Guard Allows Toxic Chemical Use on Gulf Oil Spill

Where has the oil gone?  Some reports indicate natural bio degradation is at work.  Others credit the corexit dispersants for breaking down the oil. Further reports indicate oil has simply settled deeper into the water and is therefore less visible to the naked eye above water.  And still others credit various human beings around the planet sending out healing energies and prayers to the gulf to heal it.   Where Has the Oil Gone?   

How about the wildlife?

"Official reports indicate that the BP oil spill has resulted in the death of 4,100 birds, 670 turtles, 70 sea mammals and 1 snake, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service report.

The numbers are astonishingly low when compared to the official numbers after the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 which killed 200,000 birds, 3,000 sea mammals and 20 whales while this oil disaster pales in comparison to the Macondo BP oil spill."
Some are questioning whether or not BP is hiding the actual numbers of wildlife killed:
Death Gyre in the Gulf
BP Processes Dead Animals Out of Sight
Or one article to cover most of the above:  What BP and the Govt. Don't Want You to Know
Did you know that oil disasters are pretty common and frequent?    We may be slow to learn, but it's not too late to change our ways and get off our oil dependency, wouldn't you agree?  We'd certainly clean the planet's land, water, and air if we kick the habit.  Imagine that.  
To overstate the obvious, this disaster, and all other oil related disasters around the globe, are far from being over and/or dealt with.  And further disasters will continue to impact us in big and small ways unless or until we change this.  As long as there is a demand from people for oil, the oil conglomerates will continue to quench our thirst.  And our air, seas, lands, wildlife and humanity will continue to suffer for it.  At this point, I personally see the negatives of oil far outweighing the positives.
By the way, if you are a fan of the Whale Wars or The Cove movie, you might be interested in knowing the Animal Planet will begin airing a new show called Blood Dolphins, starting August 27th following the season finale of the Whale Wars.
And on August 29th, Animal Planet will be showing The Cove movie on its network. 
You can find more information at the Save Japan Dolphins blog.
Last but not least, Michelle Rodriguez (who had roles in Avatar and Lost) has currently stated she will be on Sea Shepherd's next campaign. 


  1. I am going to stay away from Gulf seafood. I don't care what BP, the government and fisherman say. They all have reasons to be less than honest. Since this disaster has gone on (and it's far from over, despite the media's lack of interest in the story lately), I have learned more about how the Gulf has been polluted with oil for decades -- hundreds of thousands of barrels. Never all at once like this BP spill. But still, the Gulf isn't quite as pristine as it looks or as I thought it was. With hundreds of oil rigs out there, I guess I was being fairly naive to think the water was relatively clean. There aren't too many places left where the water hasn't been contaminated by oil or other pollutants.

    With all that ails the planet, and all that is wrong with the economy, politics, society and our culture, life sure has gotten fairly dismal for thinking/feeling people and animals.

    P.S. Thanks for the supportive words on my blog. Not sure, though, what the future holds for me or my blog.

  2. Well said Mick :-)

    P.S. I do hope you continue your blog. I can relate to wondering at times if it's worth it to keep going. And then a day will come when I feel I have something to say so I say it LOL It's your space and your blog .. write when you feel like it and don't sweat it otherwise. (Just sharing what someone else suggested to me :-) )

  3. Yea, the BS still flows in abundance! LOL.

  4. You wrote on my blog: "...I've just been busy with enjoying the great outdoors while I can"

    Sounds a bit ominous. Is there something wrong?

  5. Toemailer: Yup. And still ever flowing ...

    Mick: Didn't mean to sound ominous! I only meant I was enjoying the summer and being outdoors as much as possible before turning back into a snow bound winter pumpkin :-)


  7. Thank you for sharing Dublin Mick :-)